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Excremento avatar 6:40 PM on 10.23.2007  (server time)
Look, I Drink -- Shipero's Italian Apple Martini

Look, I drink.

And I think to myself, there are plenty of others here on D-Toid that do the same. I thought, wouldn't it be nice to share some sophisticated drink recipes with fellow adults? Named after one of the nicer commenter's I've had on my blog entries (I know there are many, many of you out there and I promise that your drink is forthcoming!) but mainly cause his name is the closest sounding Italian name I could find really quick like.

Shipero's Italian Apple Martini

Shame on you if you can't name who's in the picture above. In fact, the first person to tell me what his name is, gets tomorrow's drink named after them.

This recipe (from what I hear) is possibly the best apple martini there ever was or will be. For those of you concerned its a girly drink (it kinda is) the alcohol content is near 20%, which is considerably more than any beer i've ever had. I can't wait for this weekend to try this one out.

The basic recipe is:

3/4 Oz Amaretto Liqueur
1 1/2 Oz Sour Apple Schnapps
3/4 Oz Vanilla Vodka
1 splash Lime Juice
1 splash Cranberry Juice

Pour all of your ingredients into an iced shaker tin. Shake the contents until the tin is cold to the touch (and starting to sweat a bit) and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lime wheel (if so desired) and serve.

The drink should look something like this when finished.

There you have it, Shipero's Italian Apple Martini! Drink with caution people, I'm super cereal about this one, its 19% alcohol and is sneaky because it tastes nothing like a 19% drink might taste. I suggest only having 2 of these stretched out over a 2 hour period, or have something to eat while drinking.

*Note* Destructoid assumes no responsibility for the drink recipes posted by Excremento, nor the actions taken from imbibing said drinks, neither does Excremento.

Well, I hope you guys all like it, please let me know what you think!

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