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Excremento avatar 9:13 PM on 03.09.2008  (server time)
Excremento Makes Brownies [NVGR]

You know what, slow news day is slow. I can hear the 70% of the Destructoid community off fapping to Superly Smashing Fraternity Time Of Action thingy hyped up super edition game for the Whee. That leaves the other 30% of us others that either A) Don't care, B) Don't have a Whee, or C) Something Something Dark Side.

What does that leave us with? For me, its indulging in something sweet and tasty that I'll have to work off for the next week at the gym. So what, life is all about rewarding yourself and I think I've gotten alot accomplished recently. So if you are so inclined, here is Excremento making brownies. If you've enjoyed, please send me a Digg at the end.

Here is almost everything you need to make brownies, a pan, a whisk, a box of brownie mix, eggs, a bowl, some water and some vegetable oil. Let's make these things!

You can do this too, it's incredibly easy to make brownies, just follow the instructions on the box!

This is the 2 eggs, 1/3c vegetable oil, 1/3c water mixture, just begging for brownie powder.

Turn on the oven before you begin mixing the stuffs all together.

Mixing! Ludicrous SPEED!!!

Mixing batter, you can almost see the final product coming along.

The batter is now all mixed and ready to be put into the pan.

I think Excremento is a pretty cool guy. He makes brownies and doesn't afraid of anything!

Grease up your pan unless you feel like letting it soak in water for a day to get all the sticky stuff off.

Ok, so after scooping all of the contents into my 8x8 greased pan, I must clean this spatula off!

Don't let anything go to waste, anything not being cooked must be eaten!

Hooray!!! During the whole whipping portion we now have a pre-heated oven.

Into the oven you go, make sure that its not too high in the oven or too low, you don't want them to burn. Maybe you do, but i don't!

Set the timer and then it's simply a waiting game!

There we are! Brownies are all done! I can't wait to eat 'em!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog this evening. Now I want all of you other cbloggers to make a story doing something similar. C'mon Destructoid Community! I'm looking at you Kwaselow, we need some good how to make blintzes cblogs. C'mon Coonskin05 you gotta know how to make some cornbread! Let see the cblogs blow up with recipe blogs! I'm gonna go enjoy my brownies now, see y'all later!

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