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Excremento avatar 10:30 PM on 09.24.2007  (server time)
A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Things I'm Excited For In Halo 3

My apologies for being absent the last couple of night but I had to help a family member at the hospital. With that being said, tonight's top 10 is going to be topical. Yeah, I may be adding to the rampant Fanboyism about Halo 3 coming out tonight, but there are few times where games of this magnitude hit the market. So tonight's list is going to list the reasons why I'm glad Halo 3 will finally be out tonight.

The.Last.Time.I.Ever.Have.To.See People.Like.This.In.Line.For.The.Game.

I don't mind the people showing up in cosplay to release parties, but at least put SOME effort in making your costume! I could show up with a purple T-Shirt and call myself Cortana, or just show up with no shirt on and call myself a brute (complete with back and chest hair)!

My Cat Helmet

I don't have a cat, but having this accessory will make me want one even more. I would love to chase fluffy down and cram their head into the Master Chief's helmet, just so I could get a picture. I'd get a real kick out of that, especially when they would freak the fuck out when you got finished. Mainly, I just want to feel that the $130 I spent was really worth it.

Custom Mjolnir Armor

So you can make yourself look a bit different than all the rest...I'll be the all brown Spartan! Seriously, it was cool as hell being able to customize yourself in R6:Vegas it'll be even better with all the online I'll be doing.

Custom Playlists

I'm going to love blasting GWAR, Protest The Hero, Bullet For My Valentine, Coheed & Cambria, Slayer, Sepultura, and Tenacious D while pwning bitches!!!

The "STFU" Button

Yay!!! I get a chance to ignore the little bitches in a game!!! Wanna call me a rocket whore, or a camper?!? Too bad, I can't hear you! Luckily with the list of awesome users here on D-toid I've stacked my friends list with, I won't have to use this much. Anyone else want to add me?!? GT: Excremento


One of the coolest looking support items. From my short time in the Beta, I used this item so often with the shotgun for kill stacking. Its even better to chuck a grenade into the bubble right as the get it up, Whoooo! Thanks Bungie for putting more content into this game.

Dual Spykers

I got over a dozen kills in the Beta thanks to this awesome Dual Wield. I just really hope that Bungie didn't nerf these for the final release. Its cool as hell to see the spykes sticking out of the bodies of the slain, great new weapon.

Four Player Co-op Play

Anyone down for beating this bitch on Legendary this weekend?

The Forge

Man its going to add a lot of depth to the multiplayer when you can fuck up people's favorite hiding spots, yank them out of vehicles, replace that rocket launcher with a SMG put some crates in front of the best sniper nests, and so on and so forth. I can't wait to see some of the games you crazy bastards will make.

Friday Night Fights™: Halo 3 Edition

'nuff said. This will be my Friday Night thing after work every Friday. I'm looking forward to spending a little time fragging and getting wasted with my brothas here on Destructoid. Oh the chaos, oh the huge manatee!

Well, that raps 'er all up. I'm dying to get my grubby mitts on this game. It's too bad that I've still got to wait a few more hours, but at least its one hour less than you poor saps west of Utah. I hope you all enjoyed this one...cause its all you get, I can't think of anything else besides Halo...Thanks again for reading!

By Popular Demand

Number ZERO: The Gravity Hammer

A weapon that can smack the shit outta your foes, and deflect the missiles from the Rocket Launcher...and has been proven to be made entirely of win.

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