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Excremento avatar 11:28 PM on 11.03.2007  (server time)
A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Games That Deserve Sequels

Unfortunately for us gamers, we aren't as lucky as fans of books, music, or movies in the fact that the bulk of items released don't ever see a sequel, even though we think that they might deserve it. In planning tonight's list, I had to establish some criteria. The criteria for tonight's list were that the game had to be the first of its series, any sequels planned, and that there not be any sequels currently out for it.

My topic of discussion and the victim of tonight's list are those games that are beloved by me (among others) and the games that I think are deserved a sequel. Its the Weird Kid's Top 10 Games That Deserved Sequels. Let's get started shall we? I'll see you at the end.

Whiplash -- PS2/Xbox

The premise for the game is that you are a long-tailed weasel (Spanx) trying to escape from a product testing facility that does live tests on animals. (Un)Fortunately for you, you're chained up to a white rabbit (Redmond) that has become indestructable thanks to all of the products that have been tested on him. It was your run of the mill platformer, but the ability to just use Redmond in any way you could think of gave it a depth that is sadly missing from many platformers nowadays. It was a near Christmas release that mainly slipped under the radar, but comes highly suggested by me. It may not be the best game you'll play, but it has some great gameplay.

The Guardian Legend -- NES

A solid shooter/adventure game that went by greatly unnoticed that graced my Top 10 NES Games as number 6 really deserved a sequel. The gameplay during the shooter sections was really solid and fun, and the whole adventuring aspect (ala The Legend of Zelda) was good fun too. I remember picking this game up about 8 years ago and spending a WHOLE day going through the entire game beginning to end, and I recall walking away from it satisfied in a good purchase, unlike many of my other NES games.

Vice: Project Doom -- NES

This game is simply a pretty decent mix of Spy Hunter with The Ninja Gaiden Series, and is a pretty sweet game. The action is your standard fare for a side scrolling action game. The reason that this game deserved a sequel is that it was an amazing ride from the beginning to the end. It's sad really, Sammy originally made it and the game was petitioned to make it to the Virtual Console, but they no longer exist as a who has the rights to this game then?

Rez -- Dreamcast/PS2

There seems to be a bunch of shooters populating the list tonight don't there? I wonder why that is?!? The same group behind the Panzer Dragoon series made this awesome game which is basically a mix of music of on-the-rails shooter. It was a brilliant game which we lucky Xbox 360 owners will be able to get a remake version in HD coming up soon. A sequel for this game would be awesome, but I honestly don't know how they would make it, maybe another visit to the K-Project system and rebooting Eden all over again?

Einhander -- Playstation

I wrote up a whole other article on this one a while back, please read me. A truly awesome shoot-em-up that really did deserve a sequel, though I truly doubt that Square-Enix will ever make it. Too many games that Square made will never see the light of day in a sequel, it makes me a sad panda.

Psychonauts -- Xbox/PS2

Go out and play Psychonauts now! Man, what an awesome game, that truly flew under the radar. Tim Schafer, the genius behind many other graphical adventure games at LucasArts, made this awesome platformer that blended life at a summer camp with psychic powered students and wildlife, with a battle through an asylum. Sure maybe not the best game ever, but surely one deserving of a sequel.

Vagrant Story -- Playstation

One of the more interesting JRPGs to come out of Squaresoft during the year 2000, was a solo dungeon crawl (much like Diablo) that had great storytelling cutscenes, plenty of puzzles, and platforming elements in one package. Set in the same world as Final Fantasy XII as well as Final Fantasy Tactics, Ivalice, you get to see a more grim albeit beautiful side of Yasumi Matsuno's creative mind.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem -- Gamecube

Eternal Darkness is one of the few games that actually forced me to actually put down the controller and walk away from it. The only other time where I've been freaked out while gaming is with the original Silent Hill. I hope that the guys at Silicon Knights can get finished with Too Human, and get back to work and get the rights to make another game of this caliber.

Wild 9 -- Playstation

I'm guess that many of you have never played this game. Brought to us by the twisted minds of those at Shiny and Interplay, you play as a man named Wex who uses his "RIG" to manipulate the items around him. The gameplay in this game was nothing short of amazing, there was a ton of platforming but also a fair amount puzzling bits that you had to solve. You can't cross that pit of spikes? Just throw a baddie on it and cross using his body. You can't get past that fan blocking your way? You got it, huck bad guys into the fan until it stops working. Great game, its too bad it never took off.

Radiant Silvergun -- Saturn

It's probably not fair of me to put an import game on this list, but you don't understand how good of a game this shooter is. It is seriously the best damn shooter that I have ever played. Not only were there no power-ups for you to collect, but you also start with a full arsenal of weapons. Its how you utilize the weapons that determines your success with this game. Every situation you find yourself in had a "right weapon" for you to use. It is considered by many to be the 'spiritual successor' to the awesome Ikaruga, but is not a definate prequel.

Incredible Crisis -- Playstation

Usually I put something funny here at the end as my number zero, but tonights I just wanted a game that I thought was pretty fun to make it onto a list where it really doesn't belong. Because there are so many other games that deserve a place on this list, I thought I'd just bring to your attention a game that was just quirky. The game was basically the story of a family having what was quite possibly the worst day you could have and having to survive it like you were playing a party game, with tons of mini games. Alot of fun, but at the same time completely frustrating.

That does it for another edition of A Weird Kid's Top 10. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed putting tonight's list together. As always, let me know if you have a particular top 10 that you'd like to see, and I'd be happy to oblige. And for all of you that have submitted ideas, I promise I'll eventually get around to yours. Thanks for reading!!!

Honorable Mentions

The Legend of Dragoon
Beyond Good & Evil
Robot Alchemic Drive

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