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Excremento avatar 12:09 AM on 09.09.2007  (server time)
A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Fighting Game Series

<p>It’s time for you all to bring out the pitchforks and torches to ride me out of town or to the tallest tree for a lynching because tonight’s A Weird Kid’s Top 10 is going to incite a riot, or not, you’ll have to keep reading to decide. Tonight’s topic is a whole Genre, that’s right not a specific list but one for a whole genre. I thought to myself, you could do an FPS list…nah it’s been done too many times. So that is why tonight’s list involves my favorite type of game of all time…FIGHTING GAMES!!! Yes that’s right, most of the games listed here are from the time when arcades were GOD, and I like many other kids shuffled in line to test my skills against the local pros. Oftentimes slamming the quarter onto the screen and proclaiming “I got next!” Here’s the list. Number 10: Mortal Kombat Series Great fighting game, but its at #10 because it didn’t remain consistent through the years, when it made the switch to 3D, that’s honestly when I lost interest. Number 9: Virtua Fighter Series I remember this as the Original 3D fighting game, and I’ve loved it ever since. The game is simple enough to button mash but when you decide to tighten up your game, that’s when this game starts to really shine. Number 8: Killer Instinct Series Rare’s foray into fighting games was in the simplest terms was pretty damn awesome. I loved each character this game had in it. I didn’t get any good at it until I picked it up on the SNES, how many of you can recall the “Danger, Danger” that’s said in the background right before you lose? Number 7: Bloody Roar Series Hours upon hours upon hours playing the original on the PS One, perfecting the use of the coolest fighting game character yet, Long. Alice was pretty hot too. But the ability to switch into an animal mode to put the true beatdown to your opponent made this game just barely beat Killer Instinct, but just barely! Number 6: Tekken Series Tekken 3 spent a long time in my PS One, I still play that damn game. Though I know that others came out, I still can play Tekken 3 because the game mechanics are that tight. Sure Tekken Tag and Tekken 5 are great too, but my memories are of 3. Number 5: Dead or Alive Series Sporting realistic jiggling physics and a counter system that was to die for, the Dead or Alive series has always wowed me with each consecutive release. Plus, you can play as a Spartan on the 360, woot! Number 4: King of Fighters Series King of Fighters has been a constant in my life over the last 11 years, I can always count on there being a new edition, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But at least they’re always interesting and sport a character count that is usually above 30. The 3 on 3 combat, the charging system, the mixture of SNK game characters put this game as one of the most elite fighting games ever made. Number 3: Soul Calibur Series The Soul Edge/Calibur series was one of the first 3D weapon combat series that I had ever played. I loved the characters, the weapons were generally balanced, and the textures were always gorgeous. Sure you could be a button masher, but if you went against someone who knew what they were doing, they could beat you before you even get up from the first hit. Number 2: Street Fighter Series There are no words for the amount of awesomeness this game represents. It’s the grand-daddy of modern fighting games. We wouldn’t have most of the games we have now if it weren’t for Street Fighter and all of its spin-offs, and we wouldn’t have that truly breathtaking Van Damme movie! Number 1: Guilty Gear Series If you haven’t played Guilty Gear, then shame on you, you call yourself a gamer? This is by far the most fluid and spectacular fighting game series ever made, the sprites were always in a higher definition that anything from SNK. The combat system has cancels, fakes, parrying, super moves, air combos, etc. There just aren’t enough good things that I can say about Guilty Gear. The story rivals that of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels, but you know in a fighting game…yeah. Just do yourself a favor and give this game a try, you might like it! Well, this raps up another A Weird Kid’s Top 10. I hope that you all have enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear your opinions as well. Keep in mind that this list is just a subjective work of my own opinion. I welcome your comments or questions, but please no whining that I "forgot" someone. Thank you for reading!</p>

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