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Excremento's blog

11:02 AM on 12.03.2009

Love/Hate: The Games as Art Argument

If it weren't for the majority of people who were born at the end of Generation X and the beginning of Generation Y, this debate wouldn't exist. I say this because we were the first generation to be brought up having wide a...   read

11:35 AM on 12.02.2009

Love/Hate: Super Mario World

Let me get this out there right now. There is in my mind, no better example of a platforming game and no "Mario" game that comes as close to perfection than Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. I love this game like no...   read

8:58 AM on 12.01.2009

Do the Wrong Thing: Battletoads

Well, RevAnt hasn't put up the Monthly Musings for December just yet (I'm assuming is forthcoming)...I thought maybe I could sneak this one under the radar of the astute readers of Destructoid, even though it's really the fir...   read

8:57 AM on 11.30.2009

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Arcade Beat 'Em Ups

If there's one genre of games I think is getting the shaft over and over again that made me fall in love with gaming in the first place, it would have to be the beat 'em ups. These games were just notorious for eating a rol...   read

1:02 PM on 05.18.2009

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- NES Games That You Had To Leave on All-Night To Beat

Back in the great days of my youth almost 19 years ago, when the NES was king and I was a portly little quiet kid. A kid who escaped everyday to the Mushroom Kingdom and Dracula's Castle to avoid my boring existence as a gr...   read

3:47 PM on 12.02.2008

Games That Defined Me -- Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is just one of those games that deserve more dissection and more attention from the gaming world even though I'm sure it's been done before by many other contributors and writers here on Destructoid. This was pe...   read

1:00 PM on 11.25.2008

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Guilty Pleasure Movies

Whether it be games, music, books, or movies, I've earned my Weird Kid moniker. With movies it was mainly because I had too much time where I was allowed to stay up late watching all the premium channels without any adult s...   read

2:10 PM on 07.22.2008

Look, I Drink -- BigPopaGamer's Guaranteed to Get You Laid (or Sick) Punch

There are plenty of others here on D-Toid that do the same. I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be nice to share some sophisticated drink recipes with fellow adults?" That's where this posting comes from, the love I have for...   read

9:57 AM on 07.22.2008

What the Hell Have We Done?!?

Gamers of Destructoid, I think that we've created a monster. A monster that is really mean that likes to eat cash and poop out cheap plastic instruments. The rhythm gaming industry is a beast that none of us saw coming but e...   read

8:20 PM on 07.08.2008

A Cast of Thousands - Gregg The Grim Reaper

Death, the one inevitability that we all must face. The one absolute to each of our lives, that is unless you're a character in a video game, then death is as avoidable as most common STDs (Protip: look for open sores to av...   read

1:36 PM on 06.17.2008

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- SNK Games

The arcade, to my generation its where magic happened one quarter at a time, and games looked so much better than anything you could play on a console at home. The big names were always represented in these beaming halls of...   read

3:56 PM on 06.11.2008

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Games I Forgot I Owned Until I Found Them While Packing Up My Apartment To Move To My New House

Moving sucks...I hate it. Hopefully this will be the LAST time I will ever have to move. It is one of the most futile and frustrating activities that I've ever had to do. You pack up all your stuff, move its physical locat...   read

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