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11:29 PM on 07.20.2008

Weird game buying habits

So I preordered Valkyria Chronicles today. Been looking foward to it for awhile, but that preorder bonus artbook really sealed the deal when it came the putting down some money in advance. But the problem? I don't have a PS3. Yet with this in my mind, I blindly went ahead with my order, not giving it a second thought.

This isn't the first time I've done this either. I purchased Ouendan and Phoenix Wright before buying a Nintendo DS. I also had Megaman Legends before buying a Playstation. I just straight up buy what I think looks fun. And so far I've been pretty darn lucky. The only thing in recent memory I absolutely hated was Lunar: Dragon Song, which thankfully I only paid $10 for. All of the previews made it look pretty awful, but I was dumb and went for it on the Lunar name alone. Bad idea!

I suppose in the end this isn't all bad, because with the release date of Valkyria Chronicles in mind maybe I'll actually start setting aside money to get a PS3 in time to play it. Unless it's for bills and food, I am terrible at managing money, seriously. There's plenty of other PS3 games I'd like to play too, but I still feel like a complete weirdo when this happens. I'm also curious if anyone else out there is guilty of this. =P   read

12:34 AM on 06.17.2008

Subbed Game Center CX

Well, this bit of news caught me by suprise. Apparently two subbed episodes of Game Center CX (or Retro Game Master as they seem to be calling it now) will be shown at the upcoming New York Asian Film Fest. Details here (scroll down). I caught some of it on Youtube and thought it was pretty funny. I wonder if this will lead to an English DVD release if it's well received at the film fest.   read

1:00 PM on 06.12.2008

Albatross18, anyone?

Albatross18 (aka Pangya) finally got a new course today, so I got around to playing it again. Any others here play it?

While I think it's way fun, there honestly aren't as many courses as I'd like. It gets boring when you've played them all many times over. So after I get my fill of Ice Spa, I'll probably stop playing again for awhile. Haha.

But yeah, what struck me about this game is how rigid the physics are. You have to take lots of things into account to get really good at it, and be really precise with your shots. I'm nowhere near pro level, but getting a shot juuust right is always satisfying.   read

11:37 AM on 06.12.2008


Hello, new member here. Like many others I joined for the Etrian Odyssey contest. I enjoy drawing, writing and playing video games, so I'll probably stick around after the contest ends to ramble on about other games I play.

Etrian Odyssey is one of my favorites games, since I get to choose and name my own party members, pick their skills and weapons, and explore the labyrinth at my own pace. Of course, the old-school dungeon RPG look, sound and feel are what drew me to the game in the first place, but now half the fun is imagining how my characters react to the dangers and new discoveries they encounter in the labyrinth. Now then, let me introduce you to my guild...


Guild Name: Lydia

Name: Eris
Class: Landsnknecht
Specialty: Axe attacks
Position: Front Row

Bio: Reckless and headstrong, Eris is eager to walk into any situation, no matter how dangerous. Swears by her axes and refuses to use any other weapon.

Name: Ezra
Class: Troubadour
Specialties: Buffs and Regeneration
Position: Front Row

Bio: Quiet and always smiling, Ezra provides support for the party through song, rarely ever drawing his bow to attack enemies directly. Hard to tell what he's thinking.

Name: Van
Class: Dark Hunter
Specialties: Poison and Binds
Position: Front Row

Bio: Van considers himself unlucky, but his bind techniques always seem to disable the enemy at the right moment. Often nervous in battle, which is what makes him an easy target.

Name: Azel
Class: Alchemist
Specialties: Fire and Volt Magic
Position: Back Row

Bio: The founding member of the Lydia Guild. Azel plays it safe to keep the party and herself out of danger, but is easily persuaded. Also in charge of mapping the labyrinth.

Name: Derek
Class: Medic
Specialties: Healing and Revival
Position: Back Row

Bio: Always ready to lend a hand to party members in need, Derek puts his powerful healing magic to use. Is a little insecure due to his lack of offensive power.


That's all for now. My story will be up later today, so look foward to it.

~Evila   read

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