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Hello Everybody I'm new to this site so I thought I would tell you a little something about myself. I'm from an alternate dimension where Kryptinite is a white woman and Yojimbo is a hairless 5 year old boy. A magical land where the sky is purple and Sonic games don't suck.

Since discovering the internets I have learned to hate the longcat. I think it is a stupid meme and needs to die in a fire.

I am bestest friends with aborto themeatus who spends his time playing JRPG's and dressing up as Naruto at anime conventions.

As far as games go I hate Final Fantasy games, especially the older ones. In fact, I don't like RPG's at all. I think they are really stupid. I also dislike Left 4 Dead and I think whoever is attempting to get the zombie Genocidest achievement is a dumbass. So what games do I like?

Legendary. BEST GAME EVAR!

I hope to become friends with all of you, except for Blehman. Fuck that guy.