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Everyday Legend avatar 3:17 PM on 12.03.2009  (server time)
T-Minus 2hr 30min Until Central Florida's New VGTournament Overlords Strike Back

We're set for December 3rd, 2009! Here's the official copy from the main page!


The first B-KIN event is underway! On Thursday, December 3rd 2009 we will be bringing you the inaugural tournament in our competitive tournament series, which will be held at Millerís Ale House in Daytona Beach, Florida featuring Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV! Hereís the full breakdown of what to expect:

1.) $5 entry fee for each tournament, so $5 to enter into the running for either T6 or SF4, $10 for both. These funds go directly to two things: the Prize Pool (which can increase depending on number of total participants, the more that play out, the more gets paid out) and our setup/administrative costs. ABSOLUTELY NONE of the entry fee money directly profits any of our staff. We do not, will not, and will never hold these tournaments for profit - weíre out here purely for the love of the game, the same as you. The only major difference is that youíll be able to get paid for your skillset, should you win/place.

2.) You will not be playing a member of staff at a B-KIN tournament. EVER. Thatís a pretty heinous conflict of interest in our eyes, and we will not participate as actual bracketed competitors in a tournament that we sponsor, as that would mean that thereís a chance we would win our own prize money if we did play in our tournaments - and frankly, we consider that practice a load of bullshit. However, in the (highly) unlikely event of a total no-show of players except for one competitor, the competitor will have their choice of a member of registered staff to play against for a chance at a 1st or 2nd place finish. If the competitor were to win, the full 1st place payout is awarded to them, in case of a loss, they keep the 2nd place payout and have their entry fee for the next tournament they attend waived.

3.) You are able to bring your own controllers to a B-KIN tournament. Want to use your own custom pad? Thatís cool. Want to use a fightstick? Thatís cool too. Want to bring a standard controller, just because you trust your own equipment? Weíre down with that. Just make sure that itís unmodified to take advantage of any kind of what-have-you in the game and weíre totally okay with it.

4.) Bracketing and referees will be provided by way of individual members of staff. No performing two or more jobs at once by any staff member, so we maintain a professional foundation in which to hold events. The way we see it, youíre serious about having fun, so weíll be just as serious as you are about keeping it that way. Most of all, weíre about keeping it fair.

5.) The first and second place prizes are a guaranteed payout. If youíre one of 4 people that show up (because in that case, folks just werenít cool enough to come out en masse and play for cash), youíre still going to get your payout. We wonít cancel the prize or the tournament. Itís yours, provided you earn it, even if itís just an automatic 1st vs 2nd place tournament.

-Both Titles-
- Double Elimination
- Winner Bracket/Loser Bracket
- Must Lose Twice To Be Completely Eliminated
- Loser Bracket Champion Proceeds To Finals
- Character Change Is Allowed Whether Win Or Loss
- Regular Tournament Play Will Be Best 2 Of 3 Round Fights, Best 2 Of 3 Matches
- Semi-Finals And Onward Will Be Best 3 Of 5 Round Fights, Best 2 Of 3 Matches
- Previously Undefeated Competitors Must Be Defeated Twice If In Grand Final

When you are called up to play, you will have 3 minutes (180 seconds, timed by stopwatch) to approach your station or be disqualified. Next matchups will be requested to remain close to the tournament station in an ďon-deckĒ position in order to facilitate timely progress of play.

Doís And Dontís:

- Do know that gameplay pauses will be forgiven if within the first five seconds of play. Afterwards, depending on the state of play (i.e. near endgame), you may face disqualification and forfeit all rights to proceed onward.

- Do know that custom button-mapping is allowed, but only before match start. In the case of starting without custom buttons mapped, the player may attempt to petition the referee for clemency via a pause within the first 5 seconds of play. Once play has begun, however, the settings are final and cannot be changed until the start of the next match. Players will be reminded of such before match start.

- Donít be a tool. Play like a sportsman, behave like a sportsman, or face expulsion.

- Donít be late to your match.

- Donít be late to the start of a tournament. For the sake of timeliness, we will be starting play within 20 minutes of scheduled time, which means that if the tournament is scheduled for 7:00pm, play will start by 7:20 whether you have arrived or not. Once play has started, no further entrants will be allowed, as the brackets will be set and locked.

- Staff will be there early for signups, and you will have an opportunity to sign up on the B-KIN forums @ Make sure you register early for best results.

Thatís all for now, if anything changes, check this space for notated edits.
Any questions, comments, concerns, fears, hopes, doubts, dreams, wishes, and other ponderings can be directed at staff on our forums at the sidebar to the right or at

See you there!
- BKIN Staff


Come on, folks! Show up! It's time to represent!

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