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Everyday Legend avatar 9:49 PM on 11.18.2009  (server time)
RANT: Barking Up The Wrong Tree - SUPER Street Fighter IV


I understand that there are paradigm shifts occurring in the videogame industry at large.

I understand that change is usually a good, if not a great thing.

I understand that people at large will most likely blindly choose convenience over sense when offered both.

I understand most of all that people are the most fickle things on this Earth, especially when it comes down to what it is that the individual person wants. I don't know if it's the way that kids have been raised, or whether it's just a horribly skewed world view permeating every single corner I see these days, but the "I want it this way, I want it my way, and I want it now" attitude has got to stop. I understand that better than most, it seems.

What I don't understand is how the Street Fighter community is divided into two camps when the subject of SUPER is brought up. You see, Capcom is doing us, the players, something called a favor. They've responded to the overwhelming turnout of SF fans (and fighting game fans in general) by giving us (GASP!) what we wanted. New characters, both original and returning. New stages. BONUS stages. New modes. Watchable replays. Tournament modes. The whole fucking lot.

The division occurs when the subject of "downloadable content" is brought up.

As in, "Capcom should have just made this DLC," "No DLC=FAIL" and treating the game with an attitude that smacks of "this is a ripoff" statements and other rampant jackassery. To these people, I have a high degree of contempt reserved just for their ilk - it's a fairly polarizing viewpoint, to be sure, and it goes a little something like this:

You stupid, spoiled children. Get over it and grow the fuck up already. Do you think, for one fucking sterling-silver minute, that the amount of content that they are WORKING on would fit the rules of anything resembling normalcy in terms of DLC? Do you want 4 GB of DLC, what with new opening and ending movies, music and probably everything fucking else that they're just crafting away on so you can get a better taste of your favorite jam come back to life at long last? Or would you rather have all of that on a simple to purchase disc, one priced twenty dollars less than the current bare-bones (by comparison) version that currently exists on your shelf? Tell me, then, does it make good business sense to price any singular form of downloadable content at the equivalent of $40 in moon banana coinage, where that alone would assuredly dwarf everything ever released as far as the simple pricing of said downloadable content goes, making it seem as it were a giant among mice? Or, does it make better sense to release it in full retail view clearly marked $20 cheaper in real, physical scrip to make it look like Capcom might actually be doing the world a....what's that term again, let me think about it....oh, yeah, that's it - A FUCKING FAVOR!?

Here's a tip to all of those who think they're getting ripped off: shut the fuck up. You're lucky, we're lucky, and to that end, the whole goddamn world is pretty fucking lucky to see Street Fighter reborn. Act like an adult, act like you know better, take what you've been given and smile, and act like you have some fucking manners for these people. It doesn't matter whether you don't like the box that the gift comes in, you know? What matters is the gift. Do you really think that a girl will give two shits about finding a 2-carat diamond ring inside a makeshift box made from a Mickey D's fry container? Could she possibly refuse the gift because it wasn't packaged how she wanted it to be, damn the cost of the precious contents? Well, sure, I guess she could...

...but that would make her a huge fucking bitch, now wouldn't it? AMIRITE!?

It's like you want Capcom to fully open the doors to nickel-and-dime tactics via DLC. At least they spared you that much, as all of this awesomesauce content would probably cost you $60 via DLC, and then nothing would separate them from the likes of Scamco Ban-DIE. Would you rather have it that way? I'm sure it could be arranged, but I think instead, they've decided to do us a...oh, hell, what was it...of course, A FUCKING FAVOR!

Goddamn, you whiny little pissants make me want to fucking puke sometimes. Just be glad that they gave enough of a flying fuck about you and the game you like to play to make an expansion in the fucking first place, like the rest of us well-adjusted adults are. Don't make me tell you twice.

/end rant

- EL

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