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Everyday Legend avatar 5:25 PM on 09.19.2013  (server time)
A Eulogy For A Man Behind The Ones Behind The Scenes

He was a man who changed more than a landscape.
He changed an entire world, was largely responsible for making an entire entertainment medium the force it is today, and on the same week a video game earns more money than any other entertainment release ever in a twenty-four hour period, we lose the man largely responsible for the current industry that it was released in. 

If Shigeru Miyamoto is the father of Mario and Zelda, Hiroshi Yamauchi is undoubtedly the one responsible for creating the universe in which they existed.  He is the being who made the platform possible, the driving force behind the entire company whose name is still spoken with loving reverence by all of us who hold controllers: Nintendo.  He was the driving force behind hiring the talent who created these characters and these systems that have provided us with joy and fun for the past thirty-plus years.  And our world is far more than a little bit happier for it.

Yamauchi-san, you will be deeply missed.  Your legacy reaches far more than your company's arms could encompass, and your echoes will continue to inspire this very young industry.


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