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EuroFNF says:

EUFNF 19/2/10: Flying Elephant Edition

// Submitted @ 1:00 PM on 02.19.2010

I don't know, I was stuck for a topic idea!

EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and generally have a bit of a laugh.

This week's game(s) are:

Left 4 Dead 2
Host: GT JGibbo08
Time: 10:00pm GMT

Left 4 Dead 1/Borderlands/Halo 3
Host: GT Neo Subenu
Time: 8:00pm GMT

If you would like to host your own game, post your details in a comment. A PS3, PC or Wii host would be nice.

That's a wrap. See you soon!

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