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EuroFNF avatar 1:59 PM on 09.18.2009  (server time)
EUFNF 18/9/09: Thomas The Tank (Engine) Edition

I always wondered what the introduction to Thomas The Tank Engine would sound like backwards. Maybe it would be some underlying message from Ringo Starr or something, who knows. Anyways, as for tonight;

Game: Halo 3 (Halols)
Host: GT JGibbo08
Time: 10PM GMT
Requirements: Heroic Map Pack and Cold Storage

It's been a while since we've played some Halo so it'll be nice to change things up a bit. Besides, I'm not lending COD4 anymore. If you're Wilbo and are too poor to afford Halols 3 then if anyone wants to play Left 4 Dead or Bubble Bobble 33 1/3, message him. Aww, bless the little Irishman.

As always, post anything you want to host in the comments and see you later!

P.S Where did the VIDEO GAMES MOTHERFUCKER tag go Niero?

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