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EuroFNF avatar 8:04 AM on 07.17.2009  (server time)
EUFNF 17/7/09: Modern Ripoff 2 Edition

Well the reason that the post is up earlier than usual is because live 1vs100 is on tonight at 7:30pm, with PRIZES OMFG. So judging by how many Euros I saw playing it last week, I decided to throw it into the schedule.

Game?: 1vs100 Beta
Time: 7:30pm BST (British Summer Time)
Instructions: Send a message to GT:JGibbo08 at around 7:30pm to get an invite to the party. Make sure you don't go in before the rest of us do otherwise you won't to get to see your fellow Euros' avatars dancing around. In the case that we have more than 8 people, it'll be either split up into two parties or resort to Skype. I don't think we'd get that many though.

Main Event:
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Time: 10pm BST - ?
Instructions: Well it's been all Halols for the past few weeks so it's time to change things for a bit with some good old Grand Theft Auto IV. If you're already in the 1vs100 party, then just stick around and if not, just send a message to GT:JGibbo08.

See you tonight. I'll repost this nearer the time if it ends up getting lost in the mountains of Cblogs.

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