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EuroFNF avatar 12:38 PM on 09.11.2009  (server time)
EUFNF 11/9/09: Postman PAX Edition

Well, PAX 2009 has been and gone. The people at PAX had a ruddy good time and it was surprisingly fun with the PAXless. Now that are things are returning to normal, EUFNF is back after it's break last week. Tonight's game of choice? On the recommendation of Halfie, Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360). Send a message to GT JGibbo08 at around 10PM GMT or beep me in IRC and I'll send you an invite to the party and game. If you want to host anything else (like Beatles Rock Band for example) then just put your hosting details in a comment. You know, the usual. Also, poor Postman Pat is in a Specsavers advert now. Such a fall from grace.

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