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EternalDeathSlayer avatar 1:32 PM on 10.08.2012  (server time)
I don't think I'm going to finish Resident Evil 6. It sucks.

I'm almost at a loss for words here. I'm truthfully struggling to put my feelings on the computer screen right now. I just don't know where to begin. I haven't even fully identified what went wrong. I've got my ideas but nothing can really explain what I've been through these past few days. I can honestly say that I am shocked. Shocked that Capcom could actually manage to fuck up a core Resident Evil game so badly. Shocked that Capcom has released two shitty Resident Evil games in one year. Shocked that I am fighting scorpion-people with guns alongside 5 other BSAA agents. Seriously. Like 5 other dudes.

I am shocked that I just probably killed a few hundred people when I crash-landed a large airplane in the middle of China. Shocked that nobody seemed to notice, not even the two primary protagonists that I just so happened to run into right after crashing a fucking airplane in the middle of China. Shocked that Leon and his uninteresting partner never turn into zombies from "Zombie gas" while everyone around them does. Shocked that I am kung-fu fighting the shit out of zombies to both save and gain ammo. Shocked that I am getting close to running out of ammo in a game where all you do is kill things non-fucking stop.

I am shocked that I am supposed to be scared because it's dark but instead I am just frustrated at not being able to see a fucking thing. I am shocked that the camera sucks so bad when all it needs to do is stay behind you. Shocked that they made turning around so much like other games, which makes that sucky camera so sucky. Shocked that I can move and shoot and it feels clunkier than ever. Shocked that when I try to walk backwards while shooting I constantly land on my back like a whore. Shocked that the developers of this game expect me to take their corny story seriously. Shocked at just how much this game really does feel like a Micheal Bay movie. Shocked that Jim Sterling was totally right.

And after Resident Evil 4 and it's amazing boss fights and it's sequel's fun co-op boss fights, I'm fucking shocked that the boss fights in this game suck so fucking hard.

I should have played that fucking demo first and spared myself this misery.

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