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Credit to SiloViro for the video.

As one of Destructoids resident cheevo whores and Behemoth fans, I am pleased to share with you guys all 12 of the Castle Crashers achievements.


5:13 AM on 06.28.2008

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This bit of breaking news from our friends over at We've all heard the rumors and speculation about how Crave Entertainment was going to diversify their upcoming Nintendo Wii release, Purr Pals. How would it differ from similar games in the kitty simulation genre? Now we finally have the answer. Purr Pals will contain 40 adorable kitten breads to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the kitten breads featured in the game.

- Bombay Baquette
- Siamese Sourdough
- Persian Pumpernickel
- Russian Rye

Purr Pals will be available in stores on June 24th for $29.99.