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Esteban Sky Cuevas avatar 11:24 AM on 01.08.2013  (server time)
2013 Predictions

2013 is here and many people are attempting to predict what the year will hold for us gamers. That sounds like a good idea so I will do the same. Just for fun, some of my predictions will be serious while others will be in jest. See if you can spot which is which!

1. Microsoft will show the Next Xbox at E3 and will be released in November of this year.
2. Sony will show the PlayStation 4 at E3 and will not be released it until holiday of 2014.
3. The Behemothís new game, Battle Block Theatre, is finally released.
4. THQ goes completely under and all of their assets are sold.
5. Warner Bros buys Vigil Games and announces Darksiders III.
6. The Wii Uís library comprises mostly of ports of games and struggles with lower than expected sales.
7. The Nintendo eShop will continue to release inventive titles for both the Wii U and 3DS.
8. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 will be released but will fail to surpass the sales record Black Ops 2 set. It will still make a little over 400 million dollars at launch.
9. After the lukewarm reception to Assassinís Creed Revelations and III, there will be no Assassinís Creed title this year.
10. Electronic Arts will give up on the NBA Live / Elite series and instead will release a new NBA Jam or Street title.
11. Electronic Arts will release Battlefield: Bad Company 3 this year and will give the option to purchase only the multiplayer online for $20.
12. Remember Me will be a surprise hit for Capcom but will receive some questionable DLC.
13. There will be no word on Tekken X Street Fighter.
14. Konami will finally announce a new Contra gameÖas a downloadable title.
15. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will struggle to find an audience and go free to play.
16. Downloadable titles will grow in popularity and will more or less be just as prevalent as retail games.
17. Dead Space 3, The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite will all disappoint critically.
18. Sega will continue to release retro releases and will gain back some financial ground.
19. Capcom will release a Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 2 collection and announce a HD remake of the third game.
20. Sony will stop supporting the PlayStation Move.

What are your predictions? Leave a comment and let me know!

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