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12:27 AM on 06.13.2008

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

My Name is Dragon, I am a protector and this is my Tale.

It has been 3 days since my dad died, and I have decided to leave town. After mom died when I was a kid, there was almost nothing that would make my dad smile, but every time he looked his old sword, shield and armor, he looked almost happy as when mom was alive. This was the reason why I asked him to teach me everything he knew because I wanted him to be his old self. When I asked him, he told me something with a great smile that I will never forget. “Dragon, I will teach you everything I know , but strength not only comes by training your body and mind but also from the desire to protect something important, you might not understand now but one day you will.” With this in mind I have decided to leave town, to become stronger and maybe found out why my father looked so happy all those times. As a remainder of my dad, I took with me his sword, shield and armor. Since he took good care of them they were in good condition.

While traveling I met a little girl, her name was Luna.

She was also traveling but unlike me she had a destination and a good reason for traveling. Even though she was young, she was a medic not a good one but she tried her best. Becoming a better medic was her reason for traveling. Her destination was a town called Etrian; this town became famous because of mysterious place that was found near the town. Nobody knows how built it, or why is there, but every one called it Yggdrasil labyrinth. She told me that Etrian was a good place for her , since there are a lot adventurers that go to this labyrinth and get attacked and injured by the creatures that live in it , so it is a good place for a medic to get a lot of experience.
When she asked me where I was going, I replied that I didn’t have a destination but I was looking for something. After I told her this, she stopped for a moment and with a great smile she asked me, if I would like to go to Etrian together. She said that traveling alone gets lonely and boring since there is no one to talk to. Since there want a place where I needed to be, I accepted her offer. In our way to Etrian we talked about our families our towns and the reasons for traveling, like me she has been through a lot of difficult times. Finally after a long travel, we have arrived to our destination.

Etrian is a town more developed that I have expected it looked like a small city but unlike a normal city Etrian was full adventurers wanting to explore Etrian’s famous labyrinth.

While looking for a place to relax, we entered a pub called the golden deer.

the publican Valerie was a nice person.

We explained to her our situation and, she suggested us to go to the Explorers guild and get into a guild or create one. She explained to us that usually those other explorers have medics in their guild and those that didn’t have one usually go to the medic in town. It would really hard for someone like Luna to get patients, but if she joins a guild she would have to take care of everyone and, she would get experience faster. Since there are already two people you would only need 2 or 3 more. After she say that I explained better our situation , I told her that I haven’t even think about staying in Etrian, when I said that Luna seem a little sad, but then I said that I would think about it. Luna has been a good person to me, so I responsible to do the same, also I haven’t had a friend in a long time, so I am glad to had meet her.

After a long talk with Valerie we decided to try our luck at the Explorers guild, but we were unlucky.

There was no one requesting for explorers, then the guild master told us that the next option is to create a guild and look for more people to joining the guild. He asked us for a name for the guild and our class. I couldn’t think of a good name so I asked Luna to think one, she came up with destiny since it was destiny that brought us together. I dint like it at first but I didn’t want to upset her so I didn’t say anything more. Luna told the guild master that she was a medic and about my class she wasn’t sure what I was. I told the guild master that I wasn’t sure since my father only tough me basic training and some defense techniques , but before I could finish the guild master asked me where I got the armor I was wearing . I replied that they were my dad’s and he used to be a soldier but he never told me more about it. Then the guild master told me that maybe my dad was a protector, since that is the kind of armor that they wear. After finishing the requirement for registration, we decided to look around town before going to the inn.Besides the explorers guild, the in and the golden deer pub, there was also an apothecary and a goods store. At the apothecary you can buy medicine and heal your wounds.

The goods store is run by a girl called Shilleka

The goods store is run by a girl called Shilleka , she sell all kinds of weapons ,armors, items and accessories that sometimes she creates with parts of the creatures that the adventurers defeat . The next day we decided to check if there was someone interested in joining our guild, but because we were young and inexperienced. Luna was a little sad after hearing that, but then I asked the guild master if it was necessary to have more than two people to enter the labyrinth. The guild master replied that is not needed but is best to have more members , since the labyrinth is a dangerous place ,well if both of you decide to go then you have to go to Radha Hall to ask for permit to enter the labyrinth.

The guild master told us that Radha governs Etrian and promotes the investigation of the labyrinth.

After arriving to the Radha Hall, we were accepted to enter the labyrinth but only to a part of the first floor , if we wanted to continue ,we would have to pass a test to see if we were capable of continue with the challenge .

When we arrived to the entrance of the Labyrinth we were greeted by a guard.

He explained the details of test. The test was to make a map of a part of the first floor. The guard explained that making a map of the places where you pass might save your life since there are corridors that have dead ends and also you can get lost very easy in the labyrinth. After listening to the importance of creating a map, we decided to star our test and cautiously advance trough the labyrinth.

The labyrinth looked like a place that was taken from a fairies tale; it was like a magic place like no other.

While admiring the wonder of the labyrinth, we get attacked by a creature that we have never seen anything like it, but thanks to my training and the medic skills of Luna we where able to kill it without problem.

While getting deeper and deeper into the labyrinth we get attacked more and more frequently but these creatures are too easy for us. After finishing our test the guard lets us trough, we were happy since passing the test was an easy task. We thought that we could continue to the next level and so we did.We were becoming too confident.

At the beginning of the second level the monster were little stronger than the one in the first floor, but they weren’t something we couldn’t handle so we continue to get deeper in to the labyrinth. Our confidence almost cost our lives, while I was creating a part of the map of the second floor; Luna saw some bushes moving so she decides to take a look.

There was a creature that looks like some kind of deer, when the deer noticed Luna the deer started making noises; it looked like it was mad. When Luna tried to run toward me the deer started charging with his big horns in the direction that Luna was. She started to scream, when I noticed that she was running from a creature, I ran as fast as I could to her aid. I was only thinking of saving her so I stud in front of her and with my shield tried to stop the creature’s attacks.

This creature was nothing like the ones we had faced before; it was stronger and with one single attack I could barely stand. I told Luna to run and that I will try to hold the creature as long as I could so she could escape. She was crying and she wasn’t moving, she couldn’t just let me there alone. The deer tries again to attack me; this time the impact is so strong that it sends me flying. This time I can’t stand up so I ask Luna to run again but she isn’t moving, so she starts screaming for help. I can see the creature; it is getting ready for his final attack. At that time there was only a think I could think of and it was to protect Luna. I don’t know where I got the strength to get up at the last moment but thank to that the deer stopped for a moment, I thought at that moment that the creature was also amazed that I could stand up, but before I could reach my sword ,the creature continue its attack . When I thought that this was the end, a miracle happened.

From behind me an arrow passes by, hitting the creature in one of its eyes. The creature stops but before it could do anything, it gets attacked with a fire attack and then someone come running from behind me and with one slash of his sword the creatures is dead.

Before I could say anything I lost consciences. When I wake up I was at the inn. The people that came to save us were there, but before I could thank them, I asked where Luna was; they told me that she was sleeping, she was very exhausted. They told me that thank to her I am alive, that I was lucky she was there. I was in very bad shape and Luna used all his stamina to treat my wounds. But the only thing I could think at that moment was that, I was glad she was alive. The next day I talked with Luna and explainer to her that it wasn’t her fault .I told her that we didn’t knew the dangers of the labyrinth and next time we should prepare better. After saying that, she said that she won’t go in to the labyrinth anymore, it is too dangerous and she won’t stand losing some one in there. I told her that I understood how she felt but giving up your dreams wasn’t the best choice for her. I have found what I was looking for; I now understand the word of my father. “Strength not only comes by training your body and mind but also from the desire to protect something important”. Luna, you are important to me, I won’t think twice to give my live to protect you. Also this time we won’t be alone


, katana

y Lance

are coming with us. We are in debt with them for saving us last time. Also they are coming because they saw you how good medic you are and they won’t mind having someone as skilled as you in their guild. So Come, give me your hand and lest continue this adventure that the two of us started and discover the wonders and mysteries of the labyrinth.

I it is a story about my favorite character the Protector. I added a history to make it more interesting, so I hope you like it. (Sorry, if there are grammatical mistakes, I did the best I could)   read

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