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11:00 AM on 03.30.2013

My Love/Hate Relationship with First Person Shooters

I don't think I've ever beat a first person shooter. I've played many FPS' from GoldenEye to Far Cry 3, andI don't think I've finished one. My experience with first person shooters goes like this:

Start a First Person Shooter.

Find It Fun For About

2 Hours.

Become Bored by the

3rd Hour.[/center]

It makes me hesitant to spend any money towards playing a critically acclaimed first person shooter. The last first person shooter I played was Far Cry 3. That game was nowhere on my radar screen, but things were boring in December 2012, and Far Cry 3 was getting some pretty impressive reviews. I played the solo campaign, and found myself turning it off every 20 minutes. The game had plenty of fun things to do, but I just wasn't enjoying the experience. I traded it in a week after I bought it. All of those positive reviews, and I didn't enjoy Far Cry 3. Shame. I didn't enjoy Far Cry 3 because I hate first person shooters.

I Hate First Person Shooters.

Well that's not entirely true. I enjoy watching people play First Person Shooters. I would have no problem watching someone play Far Cry 3. I probably would have gotten more into the game if I had watched someone do their thing. If one of my friends had gotten into Far Cry 3, I would've been right there watching it like a movie. Heck, I'd even play the game for a little if my friend wanted to take a break.

Come to think of it, I enjoy playing First Person Shooters with other people. I spent months playing Turok Evolution with my friends back in the day. Multiplayer is where it's at. My friends and I would meet up after school and play deathmatches for hours. I remember I would pack my Wavebird controller in my backpack so I could go straight to my friend Brian's house from school.

I Love Multiplayer Tho...

Hanging out with friends and playing a first person shooter has always been a joy for me. It goes back to the days of GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. Four people playing split screen on a 13 inch TV having a blast. Those were the days. There's something about being in the same room with a person while I play a First Person Shooter. Maybe it's just being able to hang out and play videogames you know? I hope Split Screen games never goes away.

These days I find myself having the most fun playing Split Screen Co-op with one other player. Modern Warfare 3 surprised me with its Spec Ops mode. My friend Tino and I finished every mission in two nights. I thought Borderlands was best when I played it split screen with my friend Blake. I found it boring when I played by it online, but when Blake and I played together it was magic. We played it until 7 in the morning one night. It was crazy.

Playing Online?

Not So Much

While I enjoy playing with other people, I'm not a fan of playing First Person Shooters Online. Not only do I suck, but I just don't have a lot of fun playing. I'm a different kind of gamer in an online environment My focus is completely different. When I play any game offline I find myself trying to be stylish when I play. For example, in Grand Theft Auto IV, I'll always have a rare or exotic car in my garage. When I'm online my only focus is not to die. It's different. It makes it worse when the game I'm playing is a first person shooter. I'm never see anything coming. It's the worst.

I thought maybe playing online with friends would help, but it doesn't. It's just not the same when I can't accuse anyone of looking at my screen. This is one of the reasons why I consider GoldenEye for the N64 to be the best First Person Shooter ever. Multiplayer games weren't online back then so you were forced to play in the same room with people. I've got nothing but good memories from those days.

Bioshock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is set to be released at midnight. I don't think I'm going to play it. The good reviews Infinite has received are doing little to influence my decision to play it. I don't want to end up disappointed like I did with Far Cry 3. Who knows? I might end up bored enough to give Bioshock: Infinite a shot. When there's nothing else, a first person shooter will have to do.   read

6:12 AM on 01.03.2012

Errol's Most Anticipated Games of 2012

New year, new videogames. 2012 has a lineup of releases that looks solid. This year marks the return of many beloved franchises as well as sequels to some of the most impressive videogames around. Here's my list of most anticipated titles for 2012.

Resident Evil Revelations

This might be my most anticipated game of the year. I'm curious to see what Capcom has in store with Resident Evil: Revelations. Capcom promises that Revelations will bring the series back to it's survival horror roots, which I couldn't be more excited about. Add the fact that it's release is only a month away and you've got me sold.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal makes its next generation debut this Valentines Day. I'm a bit skeptical about this game. I wasn't a fan of Twisted Metal Black, but I haven't played a Twisted Metal game in years. That alone is enough of a reason for me to check this out.

Asura's Wrath

I mostly put this game here because it's an original title. It's not a sequel or a remake, which means it's probably going to have a hard time standing out from the titles coming in February. Hopefully Asura's Wrath gets good reviews and stands it's ground against the competition.

Playstation Vita

Despite all of the negative stories, I'm buying a Playstation Vita on launch day. Why? Because it's being released two days after my birthday. A new portable videogame system sounds like the perfect birthday present to myself. I'm looking getting my hands on one and trying it out. Hopefully the Playstation Vita has an arsenal of quality titles that makes me happy that I bought one.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Sony made the right move by making Uncharted: Golden Abyss a launch title for the Playstation Vita. It made my decision to buy a Vita on launch day that much easier. Hopefully Sony keeps up the quality titles on the PS Vita. I've got hope for it.


2012 marks the return of my favorite snowboarding series. SSX is the NBA Street of Snowboarding. SSX is over the top. It's known for it's gorgeous visuals, and damn near impossible tricks. I've been waiting for a new SSX for years, and I can't wait to see what we have in store with this one.

Mass Effect 3

Another adventure with Shepard? Bring it on. This time it looks like we'll be trying to save planet Earth. If Mass Effect 3 is anywhere near as good as Mass Effect 2, I'll probably invest at least 50 hours into it. Can't wait to play as female Shepard again.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
March 2012

Metal Gear Solid on the 3DS? Yes please. I've actually never played Metal Gear Solid 3. Ok I did, but I was too focused on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to get into it. Metal Gear Solid 3D is kind of like redemption for the days I put off the PS2 version. I'm curious to see what the game is going to look like on my 3DS.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
Summer 2012

I must say that it's about time Tony Hawk went back to what it does best. Old school Tony Hawk is one of the best videogame franchises of all time. It just over saturated the market with yearly releases. It's been years since Activision released an old school Tony Hawk game. This summer marks the return of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This version includes locations from the first and second Tony Hawk, and is going to be sold for a whopping $15 dollars this summer. First Day Purchase indeed.

Grand Theft Auto V

Honestly I don't think we'll see the release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2012. All we've seen so far is a minute long trailer. When a new Grand Theft Auto is released, Rockstar makes sure the world knows it's coming way ahead of time. I hope we get more details about the GTAV this year. Is the multiple characters perspective true? What's the time period? Is it going to be on the Wii U? Things like that.

Wii U

I doubt the Wii U is coming in 2012 as well, but I wouldn't rule it out. One thing noticeably missing from this list is upcoming games for the Wii. It's a bad sign when the only game I can think of coming this year for the Wii is Madden 13. I do hope we get more details about Wii U this year. What is the price going to be? What games are in development for it? Does it perform better than the PS3 and Xbox 360? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

The crazy part about this years most anticipated list is that with the exception of Tony Hawk, all of the games listed will be released in the first half of the year. This either means that the holiday season will bring even more great games, or it will be quiet due to flood of the games being released in the first half. I think the holiday season will be great. Maybe I'll do another most anticipated list as games get announced for the holiday season. Until next time.   read

11:02 PM on 12.26.2011

PAX Easter 2012

PAX East 2012 falls later in the year than usual. Instead of a tradition weekend in March, PAX East will be held the weekend of April 6th - 8th, 2012. That happens to be the weekend Easter Sunday falls. Make sure you get your passes to PAX Easter. You don't want to be left out on the first annual PAX Easter.

PAX East has been awesome ever since it's debut in 2010. A convention that's focused only on games has never been seen on the East Coast. PAX East changed all of that by hosting the first annual PAX East at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. I was one of the 52,000 people that attended in 2010. It changed my life. It made me believe that being a gaming journalist is really possible. I saw people walking by with different badges that said "Media" on them. I asked myself,

"If people with "media" badges are able to attend PAX East for free to cover the convention, why can't I?"

My search for that answer brought me to PAX East 2011. PAX East really outdid itself in 2011. It moved from the Hynes Convention Center to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) in South Boston. BCEC opened in 2004, and proved to be a better home for PAX East. As one of the 69,000 attendees, I would say it was epic. I feel like I did more to promote "Errol Games" during this convention. I did interviews, I took pictures, and I settled disputes during that weekend. I learned that people who have media badges like to make fun of your 3 Day Pass if they don't like you. I like my 3 Day Pass. I have no problem paying money to cover PAX East my way. It would be nice to go to PAX East for free tho. I feel like I need to win a contest or something to make that happen. I could use some guidance. 2012 should be an interesting year.   read

9:00 AM on 12.11.2011

Why the 2011 VGA's Rocked

Ladies and gentleman I stand corrected. I had every expectation that the 2011 Video Game Awards were going to be two hours of boring television. Boy was I was wrong. The 2011 VGA's were great. Really great. I enjoyed watching it from beginning to end. Here are some reasons why the 2011 Video Game Awards Rocked.

Great Host

A great awards show begins with a great host, and Zachary Levi was just that. His Portal 2 leap across the venue was a great entrance, and the guy knew what he was talking about. That's a huge step up from last years host, Neil Patrick Harris, who was cool, but I couldn't really relate to the him as a gamer. Zacahry Levi was funny as well. His joke about him and Jane Lynch being sexy male hosts had me laughing. He also kept the show moving. I wouldn't mind if he came back to host the Video Game Awards again.

Better Music

The VGA's made a bunch of additions to the show this year that rocked. One of the additions was an in house DJ by the name of Deadmau5. Deadmau5 was also the in house DJ at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, so he's already official when it comes to rocking awards shows. I know a bunch of people tuned in just to see Deadmau5 perform.

Of course on television his epic music and light shows kept getting cut short thanks to commercials, but he did his thing. Deadmau5 also introduced a new helmet which is way more detailed than the one he had on at the VMA's. The new helmet is cool because it has a bunch of videogame designs on it. The Right Eye is Pac Man and I see a 1UP logo on his right ear. Very appropriate for the occassion.

Better Presenters

Remember the people who presented at last years Video Game Awards? I thought not. This year we saw a bunch of famous faces present awards, trailers, and musical guests. The guys from that show Workaholics were hilarious when they presented the trailer to Alan Wake. They came out as if they won an award and went on to introduce Alan Wake 2. By the way they were presenting the trailer it wasn't clear if they knew the game they were presenting or not adding to the humor.

What about Charlie sheen presenting? That was definitely a highlight of the night. Say what you want about Charlie Sheen, that man is winning. Gotta give kudos to Will I Am and Hulk Hogan. The special guests that attended this years show makes me want to go to next years VGA's. I'd get to mingle with some stars for real.

Hall of Fame

This year the Video Game Awards gave out it's version of the Lifetime Achievement Award by inducting The Legend of Zelda into the Video Game Hall of Fame. The only thing bigger than Zelda being the first game inducted into the Hall of Fame was creator Shigeru Miyamoto being there to accept the award. Both Zelda & Shigeru Miyamoto deserve that first spot in the Hall of Fame.

Despite all of the recent controversy around rumors of Miyamoto is retiring, it was good to see him on stage smiling. Something tells me this isn't the last time we'll see Miyamoto accepting a Hall of Fame award. I give it 3 years tops before Mario makes his way into the Hall of Fame. The Videogame Hall of Fame is a genius award within itself. I look forward to seeing what game get inducted next.


You know those award shows where the person who wins give a really long acceptance speech? The VGA's aren't one of them. Gone are the days of people thanking everyone from GOD to the cleaning lady at their hotel. If you take too long at the VGA's you risk getting teabagged by a US Soldier.

I thought the host was joking when he said if you take too long accepting your award you'll get teabagged. That was until the guys at Infinity Ward set off the alarm for going too long on their acceptance speech for Best Shooter. Next thing you know the soldiers on the stage Teabagging one of the guys from Modern Warfare 3. How's that for a win. You've got the best selling game of the year, the award for best shooter, and you got teabagged on stage. I look forward to the day I get to accept a VGA. The only thing I'll have on my mind is avoiding getting teabagged. Until next year.   read

12:20 PM on 11.03.2011

Why I Want The Special Edition of Skyward Sword

I can't even remember the last time I played my Wii. If I remember correctly I was playing Donkey Kong Returns last November. It's sad. I see it everyday in my living room collecting dust. It saddens me to think that I could have traded in my Wii a year ago and not even missed it. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the only reason why I haven't traded in my Wii.

I've come close to trading in my Wii on many different occasions. The first time I almost traded it in, I decided to trade in my Gamecube peripherals instead. They included Super Mario Sunshine, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, a Gamecube memory card, and a Gamecube Controller. I got $20 from my friend Simon at Patriot Games, and put gas in my car.

I came really close to selling my Wii the other day. I was strapped for cash and needed gas to get to school. I began to get the cords together when I noticed my one and only Wiimote sitting by itself. I thought of the Special Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

"Doesn't that include a Wiimote?" I thought to myself.

I began to do my research. Not only does the Special Edition of Skyward Sword include a gold covered Wiimote, the Wiimote has the Wii Motion Plus built into it. I then found out that the Wii Motion Plus is required to play Skyward Sword. I've had my Wiimote since 2007. It doesn't have any of bells and whistles that newer Wiimote's have. My Wiimote was officially obsolete. I grabbed my Wiimote and an extra nunchuck I've had laying around and traded both in for $15 dollars at Patriot Games. To the Gas station.

As the holidays approach, the first thing on my Christmas List is the Special Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It's $79.99 which is the same price as if you bought the game and a Wiimote separately, but you're Wiimote wouldn't look as cool as the one that comes in the special edition. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is tje final game for my Wii before I trade it in. It's going to be nice to be able to play it with a new controller.   read

10:52 PM on 11.02.2011

Why Multiple Characters in #GTAV Doesn't Make Sense

I don't believe the rumor of multiple playable characters in #GTAV after watching the trailer. It doesn't make sense. If that was the case more than one person would be narrating their story in the first trailer for the game. Remember the trailer to GTA IV? "Perhaps here will be different" was spoken by the main character Niko Bellic. Alternative characters come in the downloadable content. If you remember, The Ballad of Gay Tony & The Lost & the Damned put different perspectives on the same story. I bet #GTAV will do the same thing.

The trailer showcases a bunch of fancy cars. The one that caught my attention was the red convertible which showcases it's ability to drop it's hard top. That is a beautiful car. I can't wait to ride it down the streets of Los Santos. Is that Los Angeles? I beat San Andreas 5 years ago. I can't remember. I know I saw a sign that said Los Santos in the trailer tho.

It looks like our protagonist this time around is a middle aged American white man. The name of our character remains a mystery, but I'm already interested. It looks like our protagonist has already accomplished everything he wants in life. He's retreated to what looks like Los Angeles for "the magic" as he calls it. Grand Theft Auto V looks like this guys midlife crisis. I don't care though. He is interesting enough for me to want to see what his life is like. Sign me up for the #GTAV. You'll probably see me at a midnight release.

Then again watching the trailer almost 12 hours later opens me up to the possibility of multiple characters. Who's to say you're not playing as one of the homeless people in the street, or as the guy who is running from the cops. Los Santos is definitely set in modern times. All I can see missing is the occupy movement. I can't wait to hear what the radio stations have to say. Maybr the story is about multiple characters. I just have a hard time believing it. [img]   read

9:21 PM on 09.26.2011

Why I'm Buying Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD

The reviews are in for the HD version of Resident Evil Code Veronica and they are mixed. It currently has a score of 74 which is all right considering. I've read the reviews from Destructoid which gave it a 5/10 and Gamepro which gave the game 3 out of 5 stars.

These were the CONS from Gamepro's review of Resident Evil: Code Veronica HD:
"CONS: Terrible controls hamper much of the gameplay; puzzles are occasionally way too obscure to figure out without help; forced camera perspective feels cheap later in the game; rarity of items and weapons can get you stuck in a corner if you're not careful."

My question to the person that wrote the review is how many Resident Evil games have you played before? Last I remembered Code Veronica was similar to Resident Evil games before Resident Evil 4. The fixed camera angels weren't "cute" in the year 2000. They made Resident Evil the series it is today! Pressing "forward" to move is nothing new to veterans of the series who think the series has recently moved in the wrong direction. The rarity of items and weapons is also a staple in the series. The game would be way too easy and less scary if you had more bullets than you needed to survival. The genre is survival horror after all. Learn how to save bullets.

Destructoid's review of Code Veronica is similar to Gamepro's except a valid point is brought out in Dtoid's review. They ponder why younger Resident Evil Games such as the Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 were overlooked for an HD remake. Capcom probably looked past Resident Evil 0 because that game is short. I remember finishing that game in one sitting. Capcom probably overlooked the REmake is already a remake. Why remake a game for a third time? I mean the first Resident Evil is a classic by all means, but give it a rest.

Speaking of games that need to stop being remade can Capcom stop remaking Resident Evil 4? I mean jeez you can play that game on everything from a Gamecube to an iPhone. Giving the game HD graphics doesn't justify releasing Resident Evil 4 for the umpteenth time. The problem with Resident Evil 4 is it created Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 5 is the worst game in the series. I didn't become a fan of the Resident Evil series because of it's over the top action. I became a fan because the atmospheric fixed camera games. I can not wait for Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS. In the mean time I'll download Resident Evil Code Veronica HD tomorrow and relive the Resident Evil experience I fell in love with.[img][/img]   read

5:05 PM on 08.26.2011

What the Hell is a Deus Ex?

Forgive my ignorance but what the hell is Deus Ex? All's I know is it's a PC game that came out 10 years ago. My knowledge of PC games is limited to Call of Duty 2 and The Sims. My PC doesn't turn on, but it has an ATI Radeon X700 video card inside of it. I'm guessing that a pretty dated graphics, but I was able to play the Sims 2 on high settings with no problem.

Back to Deus Ex. Apparently a version of the original game was ported to the Playstation 2 in 2002. I wasn't aware of it. I was too busy playing Resident Evil on the Gamecube. The reviews have been pretty solid for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Human Revolution popped on my Radar after my trip to Blockbuster earlier. I walked in and noticed that all seven copies for the PS3 version of Deus Ex were rented out. I've never seen a whole section of PS3 games rented out at Blockbuster. Ever. I knew it would get worse as I checked the XBOX 360 section. Sold Out. I asked the guy at the counter if he had any copies. He told me they'll be back on Sunday. Great. The game I wanted to spend Hurricane Irene playing will be back on the day Irene shows up.

Looks like I'll have to spend an arm and a leg to buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution. $59.99 is a ridiculous price for a videogame. I'd be cool if videogames were released digitally if it meant I had the option to rent the game before I bought it. Maybe it already exists. Told you I'm ignorant when it comes to PC Gaming. Anyway's I've got a videogame to buy. I'll make sure to not buy it from Gamestop due to them taking the PC version of Deus Ex off it's shelves. I'm not planning on buying the PC version, but I shop where all gamers shop. [img]   read

10:58 AM on 08.10.2011

Nintendo 3DS Buyers Guide

So you bought a Nintendo 3DS. Let me be the first to say welcome to the family. They say I should be upset about paying $250 dollars for something that's price went down in less than 6 months. Truth is I'm not upset. The Nintendo 3DS is the only thing I videogame console I play and has been since I bought it. Before the price went down I had invested 300 hours into Street Fighter 3D. It's safe to say I got my moneys worth. This post isn't about me though, it's about you and your new 3DS. With any new console comes questions and I'm here to help answer them.

The first question you probably have is what color should you choose? My answer would be the flame red that's coming September 9th to North America. If you can't wait that long you're choices are Aqua Blue and Cobalt Black. I went with Cobalt Black because I wanted to be more low key about having a 3DS. I remember when I bought a DSi kids younger than me instantly knew what it was. The Black 3DS gives kids the benefit of the doubt until they see the screen. The Aqua Blue 3DS is your way of telling the world you own a Nintendo 3DS. No shame in that, but it might attract some unwanted attention. The choice is yours.

Next question you might have is what games should you buy? I strongly recommend Street Fighter 3D. If you enjoyed playing Street Fighter when you were younger play this game. It is the be all end all to the Street Fighter franchise. The hardcore console Street Fighter Players should give this a try as well. I know you spent X amount of dollars on arcade sticks, but you gotta check this out. Only people I wouldn't recommend this two are people who never liked Street Fighter.

Another game to check out is Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm personally not a big fan of the game. I got further than I did when I played it on the Gamecube, but I keep getting stuck. I hate walking around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next. I respect the games legacy. It's the first 3DS game to sell one million units for a reason. If you haven't played Pokemon Black/White yet I also recommend that game. I've taken a break from playing it, but it was fun while I played it.

The last question you might have is how does the 3D effect look? My answer to that is it looks awesome. I initially thought the 3D meant that things would pop out at you, but that's not the case (so far.) The 3D really brings out the graphics in games that I've played. The background really comes to life when you turn the stereoscopic lens up. I can't play with the 3D too high for that long. My eyes begin to strain and I start seeing double on the screen. I usually keep the settings fairly low most of the time. I can still see the 3D and my eyes don't strain at all. Sometime I play with 2D. Either way I'm definitely enjoying my 3DS. I hope you enjoy yours.

I hope I helped your journey with your 3DS. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer them. Enjoy.   read

11:08 AM on 01.18.2011

Dead Space 2 Loves Your Mother

Why would any gamer care what their mother thinks about Dead Space 2? Is that the best you could come up with to promote the game? Only way I can explain it is someone at EA is seeing their MILF fetish come to life. Why else would we have commercials of older women reacting to a videogame they never heard of? Then there's the creepy sweepstakes where you enter by sending in videos of your mothers reaction to Dead Space 2. Why are you so obsessed with my mother EA? I can't wait to see what Dead Space has planned for Mother's Day.   read

10:52 PM on 12.23.2010

Jim Sterling on Blow

Oh no! A game developer is mad. Run for the hills!!! The story goes gaming website CVG posted an article based on an interview Edge Magazine did with Braid creators Jonathan Blow and Chris Hecker. Jonathan Blow is mad at the article because:

"They fill out their article by pasting in somewhat-out-of-context quotes to support this statement (and nothing else). To believe their account, it was a highly anti-Microsoft and pro-Sony interview"
- Jonathan Blow

You gotta do what you gotta do. Face it Blow your interview with Edge Magazine is mad long. Most people checking CVG don't give a damn about Edge Magazine. Print is dieing for a reason. All we have as gaming journalists is hits. It's how we stay relevant, and get noticed by people in the biz like yourself. You're mad that CVG sensationalized a small portion of your interview? At least CVG's article is readable.

You should attack the videogame websites with no substance that thrive off of sensational titles. I'd be more insulted if someone had sensationalized one of my interviews with more grammatical errors and spelling mistakes than a middle school dropout. The way you found out about CVG's article shows the invisible wall developers have with their consumers. I didn't know who you were until Jim Sterling warned Twitter of the shitstorm that he caused. Maybe you should be more involved with people that are on the Internet. It'll be useful in the future.   read

9:33 AM on 12.15.2010

Alan Wake is Officially Overrated

It was brought to my attention that Time Magazine gave Alan Wake it's Game of the Year award. The first thought I had on my mind was "wow Microsoft must have paid someone off." I read the article by Eric Narcisse, and I have to say Alan Wake is overrated.

Of all the games released in 2010 I don't think of Alan Wake as being a standout. It might stand out for taking five years to be developed, but that gets out shined by Gran Turismo 5. During Alan Wake's five years in devlopment many gamers had forgotten about it. Gamers never forgot about Gran Turismo 5, and were actually looking forward to playing it. The only time I saw Alan Wake on anyones most anticipated list was when someone was trying to remind gamers it wasn't cancelled.

"Lots of video-game covers have a bold M on their lower left corner, but none have felt as mature as Alan Wake does."

What's so mature about running in the woods with a flashlight? I can think of one game that feels more mature than Alan Wake, Heavy Rain. The story centers around a search for a serial killer and the child he kidnapped. Heavy Rain is so mature it forces you to sit back and watch it like a movie. There's no moments of aimlessly running in the woods in Heavy Rain.

"Its unsettled titular character carries adult concerns a stalled career, a troubled marriage into a psychological thriller set in a town taken over by a shadowy occult force."

That sounds like a profile of Harry Mason, the main character from Silent Hill. It's clear Silent Hill had a huge influence on Alan Wake. The intro to Alan Wake is so similar to Silent Hill, I had trouble believing it wasn't a remake. Speaking of remakes that whole walking around with a flashlight thing was used a year earlier in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

I'm not saying Alan Wake doesn't deserve Time Magazine's Game of the Year award. It's just a bit strange that I read the article, and think of so many other games as I read. What makes Alan Wake so special if the only way I can describe it is overrated?

Check out the Time Magazine article here. Alan Wake - The Top 10 Everything of 2010[img]   read

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