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Eroteri avatar 4:19 PM on 10.14.2008
Games That Should Get XBLA Treatment: Part 1

Armada (DC) :

Who doesn't like RPG like space shooters? Maybe you don't , maybe they don't, but i sure as hell do.

Armada was originally released for the Dreamcast in good ol' 1999. It was a blend of top down space shooting and action rpg at it's finest. As I was a major Dreamcast fan i went to great lengths to acquire a copy. While the Dreamcast had mostly Arcade ports and a few hit and miss blockbusters, this little gem when unnoticed by most. A sequel Armada 2, was scheduled for a release on the Xbox after the Dreamcast was put to rest, but due to delays and other issues it was never completed,

In 2005 the rights to the Armada series were bought by an independent game studio which consisted of developers of the original. They never went back to work on Armada 2 but instead focused on an MMO of the game. Armada: Online. (You can DL the Alpha client here: ) while it seems as though Armada will be locked away in few peoples closets in a box with thier dream casts and VMU's it might be time for EvStream ( afore mentioned developer) to try it's hand at re-releasing and or work on that sequel for XBLA seeing as we've seen a market for space shooters grow via that medium, it wouldn't hurt them to get some revenue with on of the best unknown games out there

And for your viewing pleasure:

Trailer :

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