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Eroteri avatar 2:45 PM on 09.06.2008  (server time)
Devs stopping work on PSP?

"According to Gameplayer recently, different PSP games studios have quit the PSP and given the dev kit's back to Sony, I think this is just down to hype and price, the Nintendo DS, is a good example of something that has been hyped and priced well, since it costed so little compared to the PSP since day 1 it still as that price factor, also the more people to buy it because of the price, the more people to hype it right? Well in terms of selling games console, the rich get richer, you just have to get the snowball rolling.

One of the studios to begin the slow, painful process of murdering the PSP is Ready At Dawn Studios, after they finished with God of War for the PSP they litterally packed up their bags and sent the PSP developers kit back to Sony." - Source : Gamebyte

Now this makes me wonder how much longer the life cycle of the PSP is gonna be. To be fair it's had it's share of quality titles but also alot of rehashes and spin offs.

I was going to try and get my hands on a new model PSP but now I don't know if it's worth the money.

Though i think it's good for the other major players to challenge Nintendo in the handheld market , it's sad to think that everyone who has , has failed. For a system that had such high capability compared to the DS you would think that devs would have tried to squeeze more out of it rather then just quitting. This generation has just been so lackluster for Sony. While I personally enjoy the 360 more it has to make you wonder how hard sony is gonna push with the next cycle.

I think that Sony is gonna end up falling behind once again because the cycle of the 360 and Wii will be done while the PS3 keeps plugging away.

The way that the market is it seems so volatile, one day Sega is Nintendo's only Rival, then it's only making software, the next day Sony owns the industry, while Nintendo is on the verge of being bought out, and then Sony falls to the bottom of the food chain...

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