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5:18 PM on 10.16.2008

Games That Should Get The XBLA (PSN) Treatment: Part 2

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) (PC/Mac Mod of Warcraft III)

While the game it's self is actually unsupported by Blizzard it's self, a community in which has devoted it's self and zillions (exaggeration) of hours to it would be rewarded greatly if this could reach a multiplayer base such as the XBL community. To think that a game mod which is not an official mod of a game made nearly six years ago is still one of the most discussed and played games is insane! DotA showed that when a community gets control of something it's lifespan can last so much longer than it was intended to. DotA is a custom Mod for Warcraft III , later was updated as the expansion pack Frozen Throne was released. DotA has become one of the most competitive game on the market, being played at Blizzcon and World Cyber Games.

Adding a game like this to a console market network would not only bring in a few more people who would have tended to stay away from the console market but also add more edge and "fight" to a network that doesn't exactly have my competitive games, while all the highly competitive games are retail games being bought and resold this would be a good way for the masses to take place in some of the action without having to spend 60 dollars for the same 10 multiplayer maps, and while the game itself is dated i couldn't think of another game that would would add a great multiplayer experience as a stand alone title to the network.

Plus with the amount of work being done on it consistently you would never really worry about more content coming, not to mention the install of it could be stripped down to below 100 megs easily.

While this is unlikely to happen seeing as how the game is a mod. One could only hope.

And for your veiwing pleasure: (make sure you watch the basshunter video!)


4:19 PM on 10.14.2008

Games That Should Get XBLA Treatment: Part 1

Armada (DC) :

Who doesn't like RPG like space shooters? Maybe you don't , maybe they don't, but i sure as hell do.

Armada was originally released for the Dreamcast in good ol' 1999. It was a blend of top down space shooting and action rpg at it's finest. As I was a major Dreamcast fan i went to great lengths to acquire a copy. While the Dreamcast had mostly Arcade ports and a few hit and miss blockbusters, this little gem when unnoticed by most. A sequel Armada 2, was scheduled for a release on the Xbox after the Dreamcast was put to rest, but due to delays and other issues it was never completed,

In 2005 the rights to the Armada series were bought by an independent game studio which consisted of developers of the original. They never went back to work on Armada 2 but instead focused on an MMO of the game. Armada: Online. (You can DL the Alpha client here: ) while it seems as though Armada will be locked away in few peoples closets in a box with thier dream casts and VMU's it might be time for EvStream ( afore mentioned developer) to try it's hand at re-releasing and or work on that sequel for XBLA seeing as we've seen a market for space shooters grow via that medium, it wouldn't hurt them to get some revenue with on of the best unknown games out there

And for your viewing pleasure:

Trailer :
Gameplay:   read

2:45 PM on 09.06.2008

Devs stopping work on PSP?

"According to Gameplayer recently, different PSP games studios have quit the PSP and given the dev kit's back to Sony, I think this is just down to hype and price, the Nintendo DS, is a good example of something that has been hyped and priced well, since it costed so little compared to the PSP since day 1 it still as that price factor, also the more people to buy it because of the price, the more people to hype it right? Well in terms of selling games console, the rich get richer, you just have to get the snowball rolling.

One of the studios to begin the slow, painful process of murdering the PSP is Ready At Dawn Studios, after they finished with God of War for the PSP they litterally packed up their bags and sent the PSP developers kit back to Sony." - Source : Gamebyte

Now this makes me wonder how much longer the life cycle of the PSP is gonna be. To be fair it's had it's share of quality titles but also alot of rehashes and spin offs.

I was going to try and get my hands on a new model PSP but now I don't know if it's worth the money.

Though i think it's good for the other major players to challenge Nintendo in the handheld market , it's sad to think that everyone who has , has failed. For a system that had such high capability compared to the DS you would think that devs would have tried to squeeze more out of it rather then just quitting. This generation has just been so lackluster for Sony. While I personally enjoy the 360 more it has to make you wonder how hard sony is gonna push with the next cycle.

I think that Sony is gonna end up falling behind once again because the cycle of the 360 and Wii will be done while the PS3 keeps plugging away.

The way that the market is it seems so volatile, one day Sega is Nintendo's only Rival, then it's only making software, the next day Sony owns the industry, while Nintendo is on the verge of being bought out, and then Sony falls to the bottom of the food chain...   read

3:44 PM on 09.03.2008

Table Top Gaming and Me...

So for years i've been trying to get into Table Top Gaming, I played MtG for a really long time but it just got so expensive. So then i tried Hero Clix... It was really fun and what not but it also go expensive. So I gave up on it.

I've tried all the different versions of Risk, those were fun but it just always took everyone i played with friggen hours and hours to decide what they wanted to do. Not to mention i have maybe 2 or 3 actual geek friends who'd sit down and play with me. I could probobly get my girlfriend to do it, but i doubt it.

Also, I'm fairly competative and could never go into a Gaming store on the Wed. Night Game Night and sit down with strangers.

Anyone have any clue of a good starter game that doesn't require to many people and that doesn't last for 18+ hours?   read

2:17 PM on 08.21.2008

Devs finally learning...

As shown on the Dtoid home page (source from eurogamer) Eden is patching the 360 version of Alone in the Dark. Sure The game wasn't great and the bad design choices shine through but the game wasn't horrible, many games come out that are just pure garbage and the publishers take the money and run. Finally someones fixing something that wasn't broken just lamed. I think it goes to show that patches aren't all that bad for console games. Alot of people think that patching of console games shouldn't be needed because they feel like the game should be polished and bug free when it ships. While this is true this isn't the case with Alone in the Dark. The game as it was was complete. This isn't the same nature as say Too Human which is going to have to be patched for clipping issues and sound issues.

I just think alot of other devs could take a hint from Eden and take a game that was finished and just make it better.   read

5:35 PM on 08.08.2008

Legend of Zelda : Link to the fail?

Now don't get me wrong I have a special place in my heart as much as the next gamer does for Link and the Zelda series, but how often does he get a free pass just because he's him?

I was talking to a friend last night and was telling him how I thought Fable was a better game than any of the Zelda games with the exception of Link to the Past. It's essentially the same type of game. Action with some hack and slash and RPG elements thrown in.

Maybe I'm still a loot whore from my days of WoW but I found way more satisfaction with the armor and ability to play as you choose in Fable then the always green elf costume and good guy role you are always forced to play in Zelda games. He went on to say that it's acceptable from Zelda because of history and how much the series means to gamers. To be honest i'm tired of giving these series free passes. Metriod took the step with Prime to making the game a whole new invention in the series, Zelda is always the same. While i did enjoy Twilight Princess it's just i get tired of the series using the same puzzles and same weapons they've always had, boomerrang, bow, sword , shield, grapple... i mean where is the innovation in the series? where the ability to add runes that you can buy with rupies to enhance your weapons?

I would go crazy for a Zelda game that had more RPG elements to it, but I won't ever see that day, so now, i'll say farewell to Link, as he's been replaced with the nameless white kid with horns from my Fable save. Bring on Fable 2   read

12:14 PM on 08.04.2008

Hype Machine Activate!

I was reading a comment on my entry about Too Human being a recovery tool for WoW addicts and how people have these insane expectations of games because of the hype machine. Now I'm not gonna say that i don't listen to the hype cause i do. But most games are a let down because of it.

The same publications that do huge articles about how much we have to look forward to this game or that game, end up bashing it in the end.

Perfect example is all the hype that was going around MK vs DC , we pretty much all know the game is gonna suck. The problem is with the huge success of Dark Knight people will probably spend their hard earned money on it purely to play as Batman (lets also be realistic here the best part of Dark Knight was in no way Batman himself) .

Sometimes i just want to read a preview that goes like this "We expected this game to be great, it had a great developer , it had a great publisher, blah blah blah... but it just sucks. I would suggest not even paying attention to this."

Now granted some people claim one mans trash is another mans treasure , but video game land doesn't work that way folks. For the most part a sorry game is a sorry game.

It's like having that boss that is always optimistic about your job.. sometimes you just want to tell her "SHUT UP BITCH THIS JOB BLOWS AND YOU KNOW IT!"   read

10:49 PM on 08.03.2008

Too Human a cure for recovering WoW addicts?


I played World of Warcraft for roughly 3 years. After two years of rocking a Warlock and Warrior, I found myself playing a Paladin when the expansion came out. I lost alot of interest with the game as it became less fun and more work. So I've let my account stay frozen for about 6 months now and am itching to play it again. But i found some relief in the Too Human demo which was released on XBOX Live a while back.

Maybe it's the Loot, and finding those nice shiny blue items of random mobs, or it's the tiered tech trees. Either way i've bonded over this demo with a few people who like myself are recovering WoW addicts and they also agree that it's a nice way to ween yourself off it.

Though the game doesn't hold the same type of community aspect as WoW does, maybe Silocon Knights and Microsoft will realize what they have waiting for them if they decide to make the next installment massively multi-player.

I've also read quite a bit of bashing about the gameplay mechanics and I see where they are coming from but at the same time would those expectations be there if it wasn't as over hyped?

This is one game I personally can't wait to get a hold of and thankfully I only have to wait a very few number of days!

To bad there aren't any skimpily dressed Nightelves or Bloodelves running around...   read

2:33 PM on 08.03.2008

Fashion is Underrated

Call me a metro sexual, but why do i feel that guys seem to have pretty much no sense of style?

I mean I was at work yesterday and some guy my age (25 for all the ladies out there) walks in and he's wearing some really short red shorts. These were not by any means biker shorts or jogging shorts. These were full on cotton red shorts, to go along with those fantastic shorts the guy was also sporting a t shirt with a wolf on it.

For a second i thought to myself "My God, what the hell happened to you?!?!?!" I personally have no problem if you want to dress for comfort, but i don't need you to wear shorts short enough for me to be scared your junk is going to show!

Now to moving on to the shoes and socks, first off if you are gonna wear calf high socks with shorts... don't leave the house. Also if you're gonna be wearing shoes with Velcro on them and you're not 60+ or 5 and under please please please learn to tie some friggen shoe laces.

so for those of you out there reading this while wearing your wolf t shirts and Velcro shoes..

Please for the sake of my mind and the health of others please stop!   read

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