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  • Brasil Game Show (10/25 to 10/29). Anyone coming?

      3:16 PM on 10.18.2013

    Hello Destructoid Community, whats up?

    My name is Eric and I've followed Destructoid since 2011. Well, Dtoid is the main inspiration for my own Gaming Website here in Brazil ( I'd really like to grow a community of gamers so great as this one here in Destructoid, but that's not why I'm posting this blog entry right now, it's to talk about Brasil Game Show.

    Brasil Game Show is the biggest gaming event on Latin America, kinda like E3 but made in Brazil. I don't know if international press is going to cover it (most of the news will probably be about latin america's market or news that we've already read here or elsewhere) but hey, if you guys send someone, or someone from the community intends to atend to the event, I'd like to meet you and chat a little about videogames.

    I'll probably be busy covering the event and visiting stands (hey, my first ever interview will be there, with guys from CoD: Ghosts) but meeting people from Destructoid or it's community would be awesome.

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