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Alan Wake Lead Writer Interview

I found a tasty interview with Sam Lake the lead writer of Alan Wake where he talks about the story of Alan Wake at a little more length. Teh interview is about 30 minutes long and he talsk alot about the internal strugg...


The Great Perma Death Debate.

Hi all and welcome back to the grand re-opening of my blog. It has been awhile and the landscape here has changed a little, but all in all it is great to be back talking about one of my favorite gaming genres the MMORPG. S...


The DC Universe Online: Comic Con '08 Gameplay Footage

I found some gameplay footage of Sony's new action mmo The DC Universe Online on Gamespy The footage features the speedster travel power, shows off some combat, and shows some of the versatility in using the enviroment as a weapon. Take a look and tell me what you think.


"Dark Knight" sets box office records.

I'm sure this is no suprise to anyone, but The Dark Knight (155.34 million) has unseated Spider- Man 3 (151.1 million) for the best openeing weekend reports the Los Angeles Assoiciated Press. The record is attributed to t...


E3 08:New "Rage" trailer from id software.

"Rage" E3 2008 Trailer For the second conscutive E3 the team over at id software tease us with more "Rage". The creators of "Doom" and "Quake" depart from thier often used dark and stuffy settings for a brighter and more...


"Quantum of Solace" debut trailer tommorrow.

If you're a Bond fan like me don't forget to check out the debut trailer for the new Bond game "The Quantum of Solace." GametrialersTv reported on Friday that they would be unveiling the debut trailer on July 9. The game is ...


About Eric Mone of us since 11:29 PM on 07.03.2008

I thought I would restart this blog and write a littel bit about the news I run across and my thoughts on the state of the industry. Also I may do game reivews and rant from time to time. Enjoy!

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