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ErbilT avatar 2:41 AM on 08.17.2009  (server time)
Xbox 360 Indie Game Impressions "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1"

As everyone knows, the Xbox Indie Games channel has been a complete cesspool of crap over the past few months. Granted, there is some titles that come through that are genuinely rewarding and surprising, but most of it is shoveled out crap. Still, I continue to check the marketplace out once in a while in hopes that I find an awesome game that puts my faith back in that platform.

So I checked today and the first title to pop up in the new releases was a game called I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 and immediately thought that it was the worst fucking title that I have ever seen in the world. Still, I give it enough of a chance to take a look at the screen shots and it looked familiar. There used to be a freeware game put out about 8-10 years ago for PC in which it played like a dual stick shooter which was awesome for a free game. Now, I am not sure if this is the same game or not, but its pretty close.

The game is basically an arcade dual-stick shooter in which you just go around the screen, blowing the crap out of zombies, 8-bit happy face snake like creatures and other sorts of villainy. Not exactly innovative for sure, but it works and if you are a fan of these types of shooters, I think there is a lot to like with the game. There is a decent weapon selection and although the first song that plays is horrid, the background effects actually react to the music and there are some pretty neat effects that happen during gameplay. The music gets better, if not more generic after the first song plays out... but the arcade-style gameplay will definitely appeal to fans of Robotron and Smash TV. Which brings me to the reason why I decided to make a blog post about the game.

It is actually extremely well done for a community game, and its only a buck. Now granted, I have only played the game for about 30 minutes, it's still worth checking out at least the demo. I went ahead and purchased the title since I am a sucker for dual stick shooters and will probably post more about the game when it's not 1am in the morning.

But yeah, definitely give the demo a spin. I'd argue that with the time that I have spent with the game already, it's already better than some of the dual stick games that have appeared on the XBLA service. I'll try to write more when I spend some more time with the game and when I am a little more awake.

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