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ErbilT avatar 12:56 PM on 09.01.2009
Childhood dream attained! I am now officially a video game character!

So a few months back, one of my friends over at Cryptic asked me if I wanted to be put in Champions Online as an NPC character. Of course this made me really excited and I agreed. I didnít really think much about it until this message popped into my Facebook page yesterdayÖ.

I was impressed to see that you showed up as Timothy "7 Fingers" Erbil in Champions Online. How did you pull that one off?Ē

So yeah, I havenít gotten around to playing the game yetÖ my video card is dead and Iím currently using onboard video, but apparently Iím one of the leaders in a prison riot. Itís an open world mission, so people will be beating me up constantly.

So yeah, Iíll end this post with a quote from my brother when I told him the news.

Itís pretty cool though. Being put in a video game is one of the better geek honors.... maybe just short of being made into a webcomic character or being a Star Wars extra.Ē

So yeah, this totally made my day yesterday.

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