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I've lurked around Dtoid for a while, never really made large contributions to the community, but I may now that I've made an account here. I was a member of the official nsider forums ran by Nintendo until it was abruptly shut down a couple of years ago. I like a wide variety of games, I'm a retro game enthusiest, I love Valve's work including TF2 and the half life series, as well as portal. I also enjoy RPGs, such as the Final Fantasy franchise and some games in the MMO sub genre. I'm a long time listener of RetroForceGo, Podtoid, Failcast, PodCastle, and the like. I love the staff and community of this site and I hope I can make it a little better by being here :)
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10:05 PM on 09.04.2009

Hello, Eradicopter here.(i guess I need to refer to myself as that from now on)

Just got back from Friday's helping of pax. I'd like to say, the Destructoid panels were AWESOME, INSPIRING, and CHAD IS FREAKIN' AMAZING. Collete's voice was absolutely beautiful during the Dtoid musical. You guys inspired me to stop lurking and actually participate in the community I've grown to love just from reading Destructoid for so long.