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TheSilkiest avatar 3:41 PM on 09.22.2013  (server time)
Investing in Wild Cards: Ramblings on KI, The Wii-U's and PS Vita Hype

November is shaping up to be yet another huge month for gamers this year.  More so than the previous ones.  Yes, another entry in the Call of Duty franchise will surface, and another Assassin's Creed game that will be entirely underwhelming to play and question why the hell is that franchise is still going (with all due respect to Assassin's Creed fans, of course.)  But this year is a bit different:  It's because the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are releasing!  Hooray, the next generation of console games is arriving!  With very interesting titles to come out for both consoles such as... uh...  Actually, when I look at the short and long term of the releases for those consoles, there literally is nothing that is reaching out to me.  Killzone for PS4 is nice, sure.  The dedicated server support is decent as well for the Xbox One.  But there isn't anything that's keeping me tethered to be interested in the next-generation of consoles.  I mean, I have both a 360 and a PS3, as well as a mid-tier PC to run quite a few titles.  Is there really anything at all that's tailored for my interest?

If anything, I can give a point to the Nostalgia factor.

     Here's a fun story:  Right around the time Microsoft had it's first E3 conference for the Xbox One, I was glued to my seat with absolutely no expectations set.  After the "TV TV, TV TV" snorefest of the consoles' reveal, It'd make sense to just not care and enjoy the hysteria that came with live conference--HOLY SHIT THEY JUST SHOWED KILLER INSTINCT.  

[Deep inhaling.]

     I screamed, I whistled, I cheered with a lot of my friends in Skype Calls.  then I remembered that, "This is Microsoft, what's the fucking catch."  As time passed on,  I leared who was working on the title, the roster, the free to play setup, etc.  But honestly I didn't care. I was essentially succumbed by blind nostalgia.  Hype to see the dream sequel of a game I waited YEARS to play again with a lot of my friends. (For the record, I've been following the development of this game like a Hawk.)  But let's disregard KI and focus on the bigger picture:  Nostalgia.  Normally I don't place Nostalgia as the first of my vision for interest in a game because it generally works out for the game to not live up to my expectations, or be forever saddened at what could've been (See: Konami in general.)  For these next-generation consoles, I've been following a basic principle with the games being featured. "Is there something like this already?  Does it remind me of something fond?"  So far other than a few future titles ("Rhine(?), Sunset Overdrive.") the lineup has been generally weak for me in the next two year.  So what is there for me?  I want something new!  Unique!  Classic!  ...Well, there's always the Wii-U and the Playstation Vita.

Child of Light is another game I'm really looking forward to, and is really unpredictable, knowing Ubisoft's record with RPGs (there is no record.)

  Let's not beat around the bush here:  The Nintendo Wii-U has very little games to let it stay it's once warm, now sterile welcome.  Yes, there's the marios, the Zeldas, the Ubisofts, but is there really anything worth investing for in the future for a Wii-U?  No.  Basically, the Wii-U is the only console whose lineup is completely up in the air.  No one really knows what's going to happen for the console other than Smash Bros and Bayonetta, and I think that's what's really fun about following it's release.  The fact that Nintendo is so seclusive about what it has in store for the console from both itself and future partners  there's a legitimate sense of hype building up that Nintendo products can bring to the table, and personally that feel of "what the fuck is going on?" is the fun with having something like The Wii, The Wii-U, and even back then the Gamecube on the side.  

     The Playstation Vita has this "probably?" factor to it as well.  Sony's been having a really big indie push, which is downright perfect for someone like me whose been spending more and more on indie darlings.  What does this have to do with the Vita?  Well, the Vita is great for indies like Hotline Miami and (my personal favorite) Spelunky.  I think the probability factor lies in "will "X" have cross-buy/cross-play?  Will "X" support the Vita?  Why won't "X" come on the Vita?"  I'm very excited to see stuff like FEZ and Borderlands make it to the little console.  I'm ESTATIC about the price drops (less so about the memory card drops.  25%?  Nah, man.  Cut that to 40%.  No one buys Arbitrary memory cards anymore.). I'm really interested in the Monster Hunter-clones and the like coming from Japan, and--basically, I'm all over the place in what I want with these things, and I really think that's something the PS4 and the Xbox One should provide with it's launch.  

November's gonna be pretty damn fun to spectate, though.

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