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EphemeralSynthesis avatar 3:02 PM on 02.28.2013
My hereoes, dreams and how video games made me who I am - My story

My name is Gabriel and Iím 18. I havenít been around since the beginning of the video games but I've always been devoted to it because it changed my life forever. My nature, views, and personality came from video games; many of which still changes me today. I have a long history with video games and how itís helped me through tough times and thatís why Iím writing this today; along with the fact that video games have been getting a bad reputation lately for the ďimmoralĒ things itís been ďplacingĒ in people's heads. So, hereís my story.

What is a man without video games?

As a kid I never had much living in New York (Canít remember the city name but it was pretty bad). I moved to the US as a toddler with my parents and older brother. I adapted quickly to the US culture due to not living long in my origin of birth. The first time I laid my hands on video games were when my brother got a Nintendo 64 around 98í when I was 4-5, at this time we didn't own much since we were in a crummy place so I was very excited. I watched him play games like Golden Eye, Smash Bros., NBA Hang Time and Bomberman 64. I started to fall in love with character designs, gameplay, and generally everything about games. I still own some N64 games that donít even interest me the slightest that I somehow found fun when I was younger (Including a puzzle game that I haven't a clue how to play when I younger). I got sucked into the life of video games and all I wanted to do was live and breath video games, this is when I knew my life would change. Permanently.

Oh man I hope liking this doesn't make me a furry

Fast forward half a decade and Iím now running around wearing gaming T-shirts and pretending to be the blue blur, Sonic The Hedgehog. During the this time skip I had gotten a Dreamcast and it truly was a dream, one that I didn't want to end. I played Sonic Adventure 1 and I became a huge fan, started drawing him on every paper I got and I couldn't help but run like him, he was, and still is, my childhood hero. Along with getting a Dreamcast and experiencing Bass Fishing, Powerstone, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica I also had moved multiple times. My family scaled the social ladder from their hard work and determination so we could afford more things. During school I was a very shy kid so I always strayed away from people, which is why itís still hard for me to make friends today. I avoided people like the plague. Thanks to video games though I made friends because of their interests with it as well. I use to go over my childhood friends house to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and kick his ass at the multiplayer. Video games helped me meet new people.

Now Iím 13 and living in Connecticut continuing to live a better life. At this age I exposed to all sorts of things, but I never broke down and gave in to the peer pressure that was brought with going to Middle and High School. Because of video games I learned what it meant to be the hero, I learned what was moral and immoral unlike my friends. I always dreamt of being the stronger one, mentally. Sonic The Hedgehog taught me teamwork and determination while others like Master Chief taught me what it meant to be the outcast. Whenever I was in troubling times I always played video games. When I was depressed I pulled myself into the world of Mario Sunshine and soaked in the beauty of its world and peacefulness, when I was excited or happy I took myself to the streets of City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2. I never let the worse of my emotions get in my way, I never let it out on people or myself because I learned it was wrong and would only lead to more problems.

Turn over to the present day and here I am, on a computer in a room full of video games, Sonic The Hedgehog accessories, and surrounded by art. I've almost devoted my life to video games due to it being there during hard times. It helped me avoid drugs and violence. In advance it helped me become a better person before experiencing what could have become of me if I hadn't discovered these idols of mine today. My friends and colleagues aren't like me. Theyíre exposed to things I wish they wouldn't do. I've met a few people in person who are like me but none stayed the same for long. I've eventually made friends online with people who are just like me, who share a common love to video games (Which is why I also love Destructoid).

I just can't thank video games only for changing my life, music and shows have also changed me (Such as the band Rise Against and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion). There are plenty of other games and characters that have also made me a better person or taught me something but the list is far too long for me to try and search in my head. video games have also helped me decide my future, which is a career in the gaming industry. I might not have the best artwork but god dammit I'm going to make sure I make it to my goal! Sonic, Master Chief, Link, Naked/Solid Snake, Sora, and many more have all taught me important things in life and it's thanks to video games.

So I want to thank you too, Destructoid. You and the community have brought me closer and closer to video games because of your amazing journalism and comedy. I hope to stick around with you guys for a long, and I mean LONG, time.

Here's a little taste of my love for Sonic and other video game things. Couldn't fit all my Sonic stuff up there too :'(

(Also feel free to comment on what you think and stuff, this is my first blog on Dtoid. I made a promise that I'd be part of the community more then just commenting on news for the past few years)

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