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This is about four days old, so I apologize in advance if you've seen it before or if this is regurgitated content from the front page or even the community blogs themselves. That is not my intention. I merely wish to share the culmination of all of the hype surrounding Brutal Legend through this 17 minute long game play demo, featuring commentary by Tim Schafer himself.

It has been many years since I have been this excited for the release of a video game. The wonderful atmosphere combined with what appears to be solid game play and solid writing has got that geek part of my pants squirming with delight, eager to get its grubby mitts on any tiny bit of info surrounding the nearly finished product. Suffice it to say, (R)Oc(k)tober can't come soon enough.

I noticed that the video breaks off and runs into the side bar. If it bothers you I suggest making the video full screen. It's definitely worth it to show off the attention to detail present.

[Via Giant Bomb]

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