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EnoSachran avatar 9:21 PM on 05.06.2014  (server time)
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me, Eno the Lurker!

Howdy-howdy! Looks like it is about time for my once-a-year blog post, and there's not better time than the night before a final exam!

I can see success happening here, guys.

#10: I Actually Made it Into a PhD Program

That's right! Higher academia made the foolhardy decision to accept me into their PhD program. Specifically, I got into the Special Education and Disability Policy program at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Education. Bonus fact, I also got my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and my Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from VCU, which apparently makes me a "three-horned ram."

Well, that is unsettling.

9. I ACTIVELY Sought Out a Virtual Boy in January

...and I bought the damn thing. I never had one as a kid, but I read a LOT of Nintendo Power, and they featured the machine and its games for about a year. I wanted one SO BAD, but the closest I came was a demo unit that was in a local youth center that only had Red Alarm. My mother never let me have one, as she had read about the health issues and headaches. Well, the one I got works perfectly, and came with Mario Tennis, Teleroboxer, and VB Wario Land. It can induce a headache in roughly 10 minutes.

Listen to your parents, kids. Also, Tylenol is practically a required accessory.

8. I work two jobs

Yet I only work about 26 hours a week. I'm a Graduate Assistant at VCU for about 20 hours a week (which pays for my education AND earns me a stipend), and I spend about 6 hours working at a GameStop as Game Advisor. At VCU, I answer to two different professors, one of whom is incredibly awesome, and the other is an intolerable idiot. At GameStop, I get to relax and mess around with co-workers and customers (I used to be a third-key manager 7 years ago). Oddly enough, I find the job at GS as a way to detox and let my brain go all farty after 6 days of hard academia.

GameStop: Not always shitty.

7. I Co-habitate with my Pet Hedgehog



6. I've Lived on my Own Since 2007

I've not loved with family, friends, or a roommate since 2007. I've made enough money to not have a roomie or have me beg off my parents monthly (save for the two months this year I was jobless). It is such a good feeling, but I feel weird staying in other people's places overnight. Not to mention that I have a killer view of the city from my apartment.

Killer. View.

5. As a Military Brat Growing Up, I Moved Ten Times Before I was 20

Pretty straightforward, but here's how it plays out, moving roughly every two years:

Texas to Germany, Germany to Kansas, Kansas to North Carolina, North Carolina to Colorado, Colorado to North Carolina, North Carolina to Izmir, Turkey, Izmir to Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania to North Carolina, North Carolina to Winchester, Virginia, Winchester to Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn to Richmond, Virginia. I've also been to 4 continents out of 7. 

I often tell folks I've done more in the first 16 years of my life than most will do in 60. That isn't a hyperbole.

4. As a result of point five, I went to 4 different high schools all 4 years.

Pretty self-explanatory, really. As a bonus fact, because I had shattered my tibia and fibula while living in Brooklyn, NYC schools sent me a tutor to finish my classes and registered me as a class of one. Because of that, I actually got a valedictorian diploma.

All it cost me was a slightly-mangled leg.

3. I have Never Seen The Godfather, The Big Lebowski, Office Space, or a Single Episode of Game of Thrones.

Some of these came out when I lived overseas, some I was too young for, and others I just haven't felt any particular urge to watch. I get a lot of flak from my friends about it, though.

 2. I used to have a deep, passionate love for Team Fortress 2.

In put 935 hours into TF2. I own countless hats and weapons, including Max's Severed Head, and some rare vintage items. And then, for some damn reason, I just stopped and didn't give enough of a good goddamn to get back on. A shame, because if I knew more people to play with, I would...

My two favorite classes. T'was a good update, that day...

1. I'd Actually Like to Get to Know More People and Play with Them

Some might accuse me of being...distant. But in reality, I'd like to be nothing less. I'm on every major platform save for the Xbox One, and when I'm not in class or working on a project, I'd love to play with some people from Destructoid. My STEAM ID is Eno Sachran, my PSN (for Ps3, 4, and Vita) is EnoSachran, and my 3DS/Wii u FC is 0559-6768-5478. So, y'know, feel free to add and message me, because I'm down to play all kinds of games! I've been around forever, so...maybe I'll make more of an effort to play with y'all, too.

And really, wouldn't you want to play a few rounds with a guy like this? 

Thanks for reading, and here's to another year-long slumber whilst I lurk (like I do).


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