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EnoSachran avatar 2:06 PM on 11.18.2012  (server time)
Re-introducing myself, and some Wii U impressions!

Hi everyone. Long time no see. Yer old Uncle Eno has been a busy cat lately. See, since we last spoke...oh...March? Of 2011? Jesus. I am WAY behind on updates here.

I am a creature of shame.

So! How about some personal stuff? See me? I'm a Master of Science now! Rehab Counseling, to be exact, but I've also just applied for Doctoral Studies in Disability Education.

I also wear bowties now. I hear bowties are Dr. Who reference.

I've also got a pet hedgehog! Her name is Fiona. She's kinda fussy, but she's adorable, and she attacks people she doesn't know.

Here she is, melting post-bath.

Most recently, just like many people, I went out and got a Wii U! I came home, plugged this baby in, and was ready for business!

Woo! Let's do this!

Well, I was. The Wii U, however, decided that no, we're going to update. A lot.

I have a new enemy. That enemy is the dreaded Blue Bar of Loading. It is drunk. Like any status bar from 1998, it'll hop around, telling you that it has three minutes left. Oh, wait, it meant 16. 24:37? No, 2 minutes. Oh hell, Only 5 minutes? Well, be prepared for the longest goddamn 4 minutes of your life, because TIME MEANS NOTHING TO THIS BLUE BAR OF HATE.

The best part?

System update? Blue bar.
Got a new game? Blue bar.


Well, once the hassle of blue bars is out, there's the games themselves. I've got two, so let's discuss them, shall we?


Little Big Nintendo?

It's cute. Like many others have said, it does a good job of showing you what the controller can do, which is nice. I have to say, I'm really impressed with two things about the controller: 1) it is REALLY light., and 2) the controller's screen is 1:1 with the visuals on my TV. I've got this thing plugged up to an HDMI port, and I'm having a hard time telling the difference between the two screens. I approve of this.

Of the games themselves, I have to say that I enjoyed the Balloon Fight, F-Zero, and Yoshi games. They control splendidly, and I can see myself screwing around with them for the sake of fun.

Also, you know what Nintendo does well? Cute. And there's a whole lotta high-definition cute going on here. I'm really looking forward to what HAL Labs has in store for us this generation...


Ah, the best two characters I've played as thus far...Crazy Taxi represent!

I've put more time into this, and I like it! the controls are solid, the graphics are pretty, and it is just plain fun. I've encountered a glitch or two here and there, but they haven't detracted from the overall fun to be had. The fact that you gain EXP to (very simply) upgrade your driver is cool, and warrants me actually playing as other characters.

Like Amy Rose. *sigh* I'm sure THAt will be fun...maybe...

Still, I'm liking what I'm playing thus far. If anyone else is up for it, I'm Eno_sachran on the Nintendo Network. Add me! We can chat and be friendly!

On that note, I'm going to mess around with the machine some more. Hope to see some of you D'toiders on here as well!

Stay classy!

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