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I'm a classic gaming, Street/King of Fighting, PSWiiU60 owner that seeks people to play games that are AWESOME! If you're up to it, friend me and we shall do battle! Or do CO-OP! Or an un-named third thing. It'll be sexy, I'm sure of it.

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8:15 AM on 06.19.2008

Oy...see, I've been lurking Destructoid for ages now, and the contest was just incentive to actually get a damn c-blog.

See, it is funny, because it is a lurker from Jak and Daxter, and this a videogame website and....ah, nevermind.

I don't know how often I'll make new blog posts myself (due to the fact that I fear I am an ineloquent ass mostdays), but there have been plenty of times in the past where I wanted to comment on another blog post. Now I have the means to do so. It just took the right incentive, and throwing my hat into a contest based on a dumb internet meme is what it took. Retrospect: yeah, it looks like I'm a troll who's in it for goodies and won't be back. Planned reality: to respond and get my thoughts out there in a clever, thoughtful manner that won't insult my intelligence, or more importantly, the community's intelligence.

(EDIT: Of course, I just realized how futile justification is over the internet. Looks like I'll be writing up my experiences with MGO when I get back from work...)

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