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Emmeryn says:

Where is your star? Is it far? When do we leave? I believe, yes I believed!

// Submitted @ 9:55 PM on 06.09.2014

Look guys, people lie and so do companies.  There is also denial so let us just come face to face with facts. The Last Guardian is never gonna happen.  The whole game and it's existence has been a lie since it's inception and as much as I support/love/hate Sony they are lying to you.  

There is no gameplay it has been what 8 years and this is yet another E3 with no mention of the game even existing/new trailers. I know it is tempting to shit on IGN but they had the balls to call out Sony and we so easily believed them when they showed no proof of the games existence or "development".  We believed they were making a game we have been waiting for almost a decade with NO updates.  I find it sad that after so long we expect it year after year.  It is just not gonna happen.  Just let it go.

With that I say goodbye to you Chupacabra looking thing that everybody knew was gonna die in the end.

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