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EmilyFoxx's blog

3:33 AM on 12.28.2008

Hello Quandrum; My Name is Emily.

Hmmm, is Quandrum Even in The English Language...? Well, Lets Just Say i'm This Close To Writing A Pros && Cons Between Fable Two && Left4Dead. i'm Debating Which Game i Should Play All Night- Seeing As its Almost 2 am... i AM RUNNiNG OUT OF TiME PEOPLE. i've Been Working My Ass Off To Get That Damn CROWNED Achievement in Left4Dead. The Only Problem is i'm Not One Of The Most Dexterous People in The World. But Ever Since i Got That MANVSTANK Achievement i've Been On A Spree Of Good Luck During The Game (i'm not counting the time that i was playing No Mercy on Expert && i was at the last level && the first tank that appeared threw me of the roof... that my friends- is just called bad positioning) i'm Really Hoping This Time i Will Shoot That Witch Right Where Her Hairline Ends!!! But Then Again, i Just RENTED Fable Two; i Know, i Know "FABLE TWO iS NOT A GAME YOU RENT" But i Don't Have The Funds To Just Go Out && Buy it. Especially Since My Boyfriend Broke My Copy Of L4D && i Had To Go Out && Buy Another. Knocked The 360 Over While The Game Was Running- Perfect Circle Scratch ): *sighs* Well... i Better Start On That List...   read

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