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Elsa avatar 4:42 PM on 03.31.2012  (server time)
turning 50... so what now - Warhawk of course!

That's right, it's my Birthday on Monday, April 02 and I will be turning 50 years old. In honor of this prestigious occasion I'm going to host my own Warhawk party. If you have the game, drag it out. If you don't have the game, there is a free 60 minute full game demo for anyone with Playstation Plus. The game is on sale on PSN for $29.99, but frankly you should be able to find old copies at most any used game store for around $9.99 (and people still play the game online). You might also be able to borrow the game from a friend if you look around.

Game time will be 6:30 pm pacific (8:30 pm central, 9:30 pm eastern) on Monday, April 2nd
Game name will be Elsa50
Game password will be "dtd"

I'll stick with core maps for the majority of games, though may throw in some expansion pack maps near the end.
Split screen will be enabled, so if you have 3 extra controllers, bring some friends.
You don't have to know how to play the game... we'll mostly just be goofing around, so if you just want to run over people with the jeep or tank, that's fine!

It's interesting, but looking back, life is very much like playing a game. I'll put hundreds of hours into an RPG, or in the case of a game like MAG - thousands of hours. People will look at you and think what did you get out of it? Why did you waste all your time just sitting playing that game. Well, life is like that. At 50 I look back and much of my life is passing time. I have no legacy - no children, no lasting mark upon the universe, no invention that changed lives. What I do have is happiness. I have people that I love in my life, and through gaming I've enjoyed an active social life where I've formed friendships and met lots of different people. These online friendships are no less valuable than the friendships people form with co-workers, church members or other tertiary groups in life. These people bring me happiness and allow me to chat and converse, or to write about a passion for gaming that we share - which in some very small, minor way does leave a tiny footprint as a legacy in the interconnected internet world that we now live in. It's not much, but when all is said and done, even leaving some minor thoughts in cyberspace is at least a bit of a legacy that will survive past my time on this earth. There's a tiny bit of me out there that will live on.... and I'm happy with that.

(and no pictures other than the header, or further thoughts because I rushed this blog due to the fact that the site apparently might be down for awhile tomorrow with the launch of the new comments system, but I wanted people to know about the Monday night game! Hope to see some people there!)

... and I get the tank! :)

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