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Elsa avatar 5:02 PM on 09.06.2010  (server time)
Apparently we've never heard of birth control...

So I adopted 3 kids for PAX (Winged Kraby, Handy and Nihil), and my husband ended up adopting 2 more Dtoid kids from the group we regularly play MAG with (Byronic Man and Red TheHaze)... so yeah, 5 adopted kids!!! Most of them are older kids, out on their own - who showed up for the PAX trip with dirty laundry for me to do... but soon we were on our way and off to a memorable PAX!!

... you dined with other Dtoiders

... you rested your weary feet with other Dtoiders (my hubby Monngoose is the old guy!)

... you all had drinks with Beyamor (though you'll note that we had to smuggle Winged Kraby into the bar because he's underage so he's keeping a low profile and hiding under the table... either that, or he's had one too many Shirley Temples!)

... you posed with the Mr. Destructoid head

... you met Hollie from Dtoid, and other pretty ladies (and note that Red who is recently single managed to get in all these shots!)

... Nihil, Handy and Winged Kraby tried to pick up this uber-hot Elf!

... Red and Byronic hung out with the cool dude in the ghillie suit, while Winged Kraby and Nihil checked out the "Back to the Future DeLorean!.

... Handy and Nihil found some more cosplay peoples to pose with! (and Nihil... look at the camera, not at... uhhh)

... you had a nap on the beanbag loungers (left to right is Nihil, Red TheHaze, Handy, Byronic Man, and Winged Kraby)

... Hamza posed with each of you... and he's like a professional model or something - these were all done in one shot!

... and Niero loves you all! (and he must have gone to Hamza's modelling school because he also did this fabulous picture in one shot!... oh, and Niero is really an AWESOME guy!)

Anyway, I'll do a separate blog regarding my own impressions of PAX. I had a ton of fun, but right now I'm tired and I haven't even unpacked yet, but I wanted to check out the pictures I took - so I threw this blog together! As kids are apt to do, y'all collected a ton of junk from PAX and I have it all in a bag. Kids... send your Adoptive Mom a PM on Dtoid with your mailing address and Tshirt size if you want to, and I'll send you some of the swag you collected from the showroom floor... just small stuff, but I'll also include your laminated avatars! Yes, you all got laminated (and you made wonderful drink coasters!)

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