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Hey everybody. Since you are reading my sidebar, you are probably wondering who the Jesus TEETEE tap dancing Christ I am. Well, let's get started in devouring who I really am.

I am a guy, so don't worry, I have come to expect some trolling on my blog. I started reading Destructoid either around the time of the Bonus Round Blogosphere(should be Blogocube) episode, or when Sterling was trashing Tay Zonday about something. I lurked for a while, started looking around the front page and C-Blogs, and started to know the in's and outs of D-Toid. As you see on my friends list, pretty much everyone of those people helped lure me into this wild and crazy site. The thing that pushed me over that edge though was Retroforce GO!'s first comment episode. I had been an avid listener before joining, so when the time came that I could ask the retro gods anthying I want, I had to strike at that opportunity. A few episodes ,had padded and I still hadn't been brought up on the show, so I knew I had to do something special, something spectacular, something Japanese. It was then that I started the Haiku.

The Haiku was formed in the land of Mordor in the fires of Mount Doom and........wait no, that's the One Ring. I always get them confused. Anyway the Haiku was a success and took off from episode 40: The Hype episode, which i won and still haven't gotten around to E-Mailing Dyson about and probably never will . Some of you ignorant fornicators might be wondering what a Haiku is.It is a japanese poem and follows a 5-7-5 syllable scheme.

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...The mosquitos were going crazy and she said there was no way.

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