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Elitechief27's blog

1:52 PM on 01.04.2009

I was about to hug my girlfriend but....

...The mosquitos were going crazy and she said there was no way.   read

8:30 PM on 06.08.2008

Late Night LULZ: O Brother Why Art Thou A Man

I am here with some Lulz for you to enjoy so sit back, relax and enjoy the FAIL of these kids who think they're so badass.



Also, for your fapping delight, hot cheerleaders doing a special routine.


Kudos to whomever sat through all three   read

12:15 PM on 06.01.2008

What do God Of War, PS3 Online, and Myself on Vacation Have in Common?

More than you might think.

First off, I just went to my local game store (read Gamestop............ugh) , and made many-a-purchase. I actually bought Haze, despite bad reviews. It is actually beter than one might think. Sure the story is about as good as Wiisucks doing the Cleaveland Steamer on one's chest, and I think the co-op is still out of wack, bot it's pretty fun. I hope to try out the multiplayer later, but from what I have heard, that is the best part of the game. Besides that, my purchases included God of Mar 1 and 2, MGS Portable Ops+, Castelvania the Dracula X Chronicles, and Star Wars Renegade Squadron. After playing GoW: CoO, I am very psyched to play the main games. I'll now have to thank community member Eternal Death Slayer for turning me on to them.

(Piss this bear off and I'm sure you won't wake up with legs tommrow.)

Also, after months of being lazy, I finally have PS3 Online. It felt like the right time, so I thought I might as well do it. The games I have for my PS3 are, Moterstorm, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Haze. Any suggestions of what to get next would be great. I was actually thinking about picking up UTIII when I make the scratch( Sorry Ninja Gaiden 2). Also, I will be needing a mic so some help picking one out would be great. Now without further ado My PSN

PSN: Elitechief27

Please leave your names so I can add you.

I am now on the dark side....At least their's cookies

Finally, I am going to be mostly away from D-Toid for this week. I am going away on vacation. I will be spending one great week being a beach bum in Turks and Cacos in the carribbean. I am actually going to probably go scuba diving and swim with a dolphin. That's right A DOLPHIN. If only Chad were going, then that would be tops.

Well, that's what is going on with me. Sorry for sterring the C-Blogs into Live Journal territory. So so long, farewell, advidusen, goodbye, and all that crap. Also, if this post has taught you nothing, always remember, Hawkes, Cawkes, and Soap. What that means, I'll leave up to you.   read

1:44 PM on 03.28.2008

Why I Need EDS' Free Points

(I can haz free XBLA points?Kthx.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd welcome to Elitechief27's blog. Destructoid's number one blog with a Space Trojan Helmet as its usurerís avatar. I'm your host Elitechief27, and that is about enough of ripping off Retroforce Go!. So I am writing this blog for about the same reason as everyone else which is LAWLZ FREE SEXBOX POINTZ ON TEH INTERNETZ. Now that this thing it finally starting, I just have to say that I'm probably not more in need of these points than anyone else, but I want to throw myself into the mix and try to win these points. (Queue public service announcement) I mean there are starving kids in Africa crying out for XBLA points so they can play Arcade games while they starve and have their livers pecked out every day by eagles{kudos to whomever can get my reference}. So please, send starving kids XBLA points. The More You Know [shooting star] (end public service announcement). We now return to Elitechief27's blog, already in progress on Destructoid T.V

So I told her thatís not my muffler, thatís my Great Aunt Denise Huxtable. Ha ha ha......Oh your back. Now, where was I? Oh of course, free Arcade points. Now when I was little, my gaming muse had not leapt up and smelled the coffee yet. This means that I missed loads of really rad retro (alliterations FTW) games. Now that my sleeping gaming giant (whom I like to call Phil) has been awoken, I long for the classic games of yesteryear. With the advent of teh internetz and technology, we are now able to relive and discover both old and new games. I already have a few Arcade games, but, as you know if you are a regular Retroforce listener, there was a glut of good games released right in succession before t went right back to crap. Then with your help I will be able to download games like Triggerheart Excellica, Rez HD, Metal Slug 3, Omega Five, Super C, E4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade (which makes the above picture matter), and many others.

Where there is XBLA, there is downloadable content, and a plethora of new gameplay experiences. With the upcoming New Maps for both Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 I am at a need for some points. Also, with all of the songs, released and upcoming, for Rock Band, it is a vital necessity for 360 owners to have points. I mean, we all love our game consoles, but it seems as though Microsoft is nickel and diming us to death so we need free points wherever we can find them. If that means that we have to do some things we are not proud of (this blog excluded because I enjoy writing blogs) then so be it.

Well that is my story, and Iím sticking to it. I know it wasn't the easiest thing to read because of the length and me sort of sounding like an advert at the end, but I hope you guys didn't just skim and had fun reading it. Please feel encouraged to comment on how great or fail it was. At least it is the length EDS asked for without pulling a Rev Anthony. All and all, thanks for reading. I am Elitechief27 of the Destructoid community, and I approve of this C-Blog.   read

8:49 AM on 03.22.2008

FNF Recap: Jumbeled Edition

As we all know, last night was the greatness that is Friday Night Fights. I am sure that most of you guys had an amazing time, but mine was a bit more complicated. I'm not saying that it was bad, but it was not my favorite FNF. I'll try to explain to you guys what was going on.

First, when i read the FNF post, I saw that there was no Gears(although we did get a few games going eventually, more on that later) so i decided to try my hand at Halo 3 and CoD4 FNF. When the time came to risen up my 360 and go online, My brother decided that he wanted to play something else so I decided to mench it up and let him play.

After about twenty minutes of wating, I finally got my 360 back. I then decided to hop on CoD4 and check up on the guys. We then played some regular deathmatch, domination, headquarters, and sabotoge. the highlight if CoD4 (and possibly the whole night) was the game we played on Vacant. It was a mix of Old School and Hardcore, and the best part of it was that it was Headshots onlt and that the physics of Old School and Hardcore mixed toghether making people go flying when they were grenaded.Being on the Grenade spam map, there were plenty of soaring corpses. Also, there were many Family Guy, ROFL Copter, and I'MA CHARGIN MA LAZER/ SHOOP DA WOOP jokes which were funny and enjoyed by all.

Later on in the night, my connection to the host was lost, and that is when I went over to Halo 3. I was only there for a short time so I can't realy say much about it ( but for all the regulars and hopefuls, I'm sure it's JAWSOME). We played a few flag based game types and had a good time all around.

Finally, Snalib messaged me at around midnight saying that Gears was on, so I left the Infection game I was in for straight-up Warzone. After about seven minutes of waiting, we got a group of mostly random people toghether. Later on in the night, we recived some more familiar faces and had a few good games going. At around 2AM, I turned off the console, looked a bit aroud Destructoid, and went to bed.

Overall, A good night but not the best. I'm not blaming anyone for it, so if you feel offended or bad, don't. All of you were good Hosts and did a fantastic job. I hope to see you all again next friday.   read

9:10 PM on 02.05.2008

Nes NOT emulation site

After listening to the "not" conversation on yesterday's Retroforce Go!, it reminded me of this one site that has a bunch of NES games that are able to play without the hassle of not modding consoles and downloading not ROM software the site is

Recently I have been playing the ever living daylights out of SMB3 for the first time. I know that I do not do it justice by playing it with a keyboard, but it's fun none the less. Also if you thought contra was hard with a controller, the keyboard doesn't make it aany easier. Though I have said all of this, it is still a fun way to relive the glorydays of the NES. Give it a looksee if you're craving easy to get retro.   read

8:52 PM on 02.03.2008

I need help... also Retroforce

Hey guys i am a bit new here, but i was a lurker for a while so i know some of the ins and outs of the site. I was trying to post a LONG comment on the Retroforce pre show page but it wouldn't go through so could someone just message Dyson and the guys so they can look at my blog post with the comment on it (AKA this one). Though before you say it I already know that noob blog is noob but thats kinda what I am for at least right help me out guys.

THE EPIC POST feel free to read and comment

hey guys i am a long time watcher first time writer (ltwftw for the win) i have some questions for each and every one of you so put on your retro caps and take out your #2 DS styluses so we may begin
let us start with the host AKA Dyson or Profesor Tor Coolguy
1 whats up with Pepsi no offense but Coke was how i was raised
2 if you need to take your time with a name, take as much as you need say it slowly and above all PRONUNCIATE i have an hard time with odd looking names too so this will help you as well
3 Pepsi or NES/SNES
4 you must appease the dead salvation army retro god by helping out the others recive retro goodies

now let's go on to a high note with Chad ConFREAKINcelmo
1 if you could only have one impacted your life what would it be
a all things nintendo
b Dolphin's/Rainbows/Puppys/etc....
c Colette and the crew of retroforce
2 its always nice to share the spotlight so let Topher, Colette, and Dyson have the openers once every blue moon
3 is the vego painting appeased this week because on one hand good game but on the other it's just one ONE!!
4 what happened to the inflatable christmas flamingo
5 we want more top tens

so that we may now return to the real world, topher if you would be so kind....
1 choose your destiny
a korean whores
b shmups
c pancakes
2 with titles like Omega Five, Metal Slug 3, and Rez HD could this be the downfall of virtual console and the rise of
XBLA, and if so will you go to cloud nine and institute the word fap while chad will unhappily go to the non-dolphin laced real world
3 speaking of Rez, is it the best week EVER and where will your other 3 controllers be placed
4 i was suprised at the lack "fap" being used in the shmup episode once is not enough to express your deep love for shmups
5 did you ever get that guy's unused saturn

now for the retro femm fattalle Colette
1 only one
a chocobos
c Chad and dolphins
2 thank you for turning me on to phoenix wright, but what possessed you to pick it up
3 [obligatory LAWLZ BEWBS question] what became of your christmas gift
4 How much do you love southpark because your cartman voice is spot on

Finally, for you all as a group
1 only 15 more shows till the bet is on
2 i found a nice NOT emulation site for NES games i have been playing SMB3 nonstop
3 Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter

Keep goin almost done.... ok many of you will say this so i will say it first
Long post is long
Secondly I am sorry for the punctuation/grammar nazing
Third please let my post be talked about because not to be an ass or anything, but i will keep reposting it because i want my questions answered and so probably do most of the other listeners
Lastly {and maybe most importaintly} I WON 900 BUCKS ON THE SUPERBOWL FAP FAP FAP BEST NIGHT EVER

Also,so this post will be video game related who would win in a fight Dantae from DMC series or Ryu Hayabusa From Ninja Gaiden. I think it would be an epic battle but in the end Dantae would use his demonic powers to slightly overcome Ryu's ninja skills   read

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