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12:48 PM on 01.05.2008

Unoriginal idea for Xbox very near future.

So with Jim's homepage post of absolute truths and theories I believe in, and my time within the unofficial mIRC room, I wanted to get something off my sexy yet manly chest, just to have you guys tell me to shut up and it'll never happen.. go away with your unoriginal ideas. I really need the flaming, so don't be shy. It's about the 360's potential future:

Problems/thingies with my current experience (And others) with the 360:

- Disc spinning is loud

- I am going to assume for this blog that HD-DVD is going to lose it's fight.

- RROD - Over heating, etc.

- Load times

- Disc scratching

After some screwing around on, for the first time, I saw the information about their lame memory cards. They suggest that you take these cards to a local retailer and get updates, news, other BS from their onto your memory card and you can take it home. I know.. I giggled too, but I wonder if they can't expand this idea for something more useful.

What am I talking about? After looking at the above list of issues with 360's, including the HD-DVD format (Again assuming just for this blog that it's going to die) issue... MS has a lot to gain from using digital distros. Think about it...

If we used digital downloads only we wouldn't have some of the issues that annoy us.

- No drives in future xbox's.. more room for other things like cooling, power sources, etc.

- No noise coming from the drive, it annoys me as I am sure it's loud enough to annoy you too.

- The format war would be something to not worry about. The loss of HD-DVD sucks for those of us that have the drive (Like me) but the fact that digital downloads exists wouldn't put MS in that bad of a spot.

- Load times would no longer be the issue. Sure you'll have to take the time to install the game, but it's better then thousands (Not literally) of 5-10 wait periods.

- No disc scratching because there would be no discs at all.

- I am not an engineer or an accountant, but I am thinking that not needing the drive would allocate more of the budget on better cooling (And quieter) than what we have now.

Now before the flaming starts.. and hopefully you read everything I have to make mention of.. you say this isn't feasible. Here's my take:

If we can use the memory cards now to get whatever they are trying to tell us about (Updates, some demos, etc) how hard would it be for them to make one large enough to download a game or two? It could come as part of the system.. attaches and detaches with aerodynamic ease.

What about copy protection? Again they are MS.. how hard would it be for them to put copy protection software on it? It won't be full proof, as nothing is, but they could make it as effective as the discs are now, I'm sure. Then again.. it is MS.

What about the wait for the download? Ah now you got me. Downloading a full game from a Retailer HDD to your memory card is not quicker than actually purchasing it. There's no question about this. Downloading it via an internet retailer would take for-fucking-ever. This is one hurdle I wouldn't exactly know how to jump. To be honest, the only issue I see would be this: When a hot game comes out and everyone tries to get it at once. Aside from that.. a kiosk where a cashier isn't needed (Think self checkout) and the download could happen right there shouldn't take THAT long. Most of us have downloaded from one HDD to another. It's not exactly murderous. Then again.. these kiosks would be from MS... ; )

Benefits or screwing us over: As we all know MS does not let us use extrenal drives for gaming itself, just for movies music, etc. Well.. movies you get from downloading can't go on there either. Either MS will allow extrnal drives to be used, as Sony brilliantly let their customers do, or MS will charge the ass raping prices they do now for their drives. This could either benefit both of us (Consumers and MS) or only benefit them should they choose to screw us.

So that's my unoriginal idea to help Xbox move away from HD-DVD, DVD, and discs altogether. At the same time a lot of their other issues would be resolved using this unoriginal idea. Also this unoriginal idea could be used now.. with the 360s. What do you think Dtoiders?   read

9:04 PM on 12.23.2007

Future FNF (Halo 3): I need you help. (Beta Testers)

For those of you who do not know of my presence here on Dtoid, I am one of the hosts for Friday Night Fights, more specifically for Halo 3. I am typically the host for the w/o maps section of Halo 3, but even if I am not the host for the new maps next Friday I'll send my maps to the host if they are desired (Look at me using fancy words).

So anyway, I finally got around to editing a map (Almost done, it's on Foundry) from the new maps, and plan on making a couple more. Considering most of these maps are fairly large it does take a while to complete, But instead of me just trying out the maps during FNF (Or one of the other hosts), I'd rather have them more completed (reviewed before FNF) so I don't have to edit on the spot as much.

I should have my first map completed tonight. If anyone would like to volunteer to review it and future maps I would appreciate any opinions and/or suggestions you have to offer. Please PM me or post in the comments that you would like to receive it, and I'll send you it. The first map I have is called Foundry H.I.R.M... as flaming as it sounds H.I.R.M stands for "Halleluia (sp?) It's Raining Men"... if you know the song you wouldn't blame me... you know how awesome it is. Thanks for the support and looking forward to hearing from you.. and seeing you next Friday!

Also, maps.   read

9:55 AM on 12.22.2007

FNF of Halo 3: The Summary

So here I am fellow Dtoiders to story-tell the adventures of our dearest heroes in the throes of the cold, yet intense night that is Friday Night Fights.

The beginning was a bit awkward and surprising. Instead of the flood gates of people I received not eight days ago for the last FNF, this time it was more of a trickle.

Well, FNF was about an hour or less into the night when I was then joined by Salman and Zserv (They were hosting the Halo 3 w/ new maps). Apparently not enough were on or issues started to appear not of their control. I was happy to have their company as now we started really getting into doing what FNF was made for... awesomeness.

After a couple of rounds Salman and Zserv (And others as well) convinced Distrato (Heretic here, and someone I had not recognized by his GT, Bleach 2, to purchase the new Halo 3 maps. Bleach 2 turns out to be Madninja here on Dtoid, awesome because now we had a full group of people who don't suck.

We played a couple of custom rounds using the new maps and all I can say is why I didn't play these maps when I first got them is beyond me. These maps were a lot of fun... mainly because I like big maps and Forging new ones will be a lot of fun as well. I hope to make at least one as successful as "Sand Trap Hell" that I made a little bit ago.

I then switched our group over to Matchmaking with the new maps only... again it was a lot of fun. We owned... got owned... and made fun of each other. Playing with these people (Dtoiders) make me appreciate my relationship with this website. I had a lot of fun and thanked my lucky stars that I didn't have to deal with nearly as much whiny bullshit I did while alone in the matchmaking lobby.


- Golden Donut is one of the best people to have around for FNF. He is the embodiment of a good player for online play. When he speaks, it's always funny/informative, not annoying banter that would have others question their social status in this world. He's good, but won't rub it in your face unless you piss him off, which is hard to do.. if possible. I am not that great of a player, but he backed me and vice versa during the matches.

These traits are shared with the other members in the group. When we were losing in some of the matches you didn't hear someone insult another for poor play, you heard a joke being cracked on the guy and laughter from the rest. Great example of this: During one match w/o the new maps three of us were together for a BTB. One of us (Forget who) was shot dead and the other (Salman) started humping his face. I laughed so hard my character stood up and got his head blown off. More laughter.

- We had little to no lag during play, awesome.

- XDistratoX, Salman, Zserv, owned during the custom matches we had between ourselves. In one game Salman killed me three times in a row... granted this could be because I am retarded and actually trying to exact vengeance. I think I got humped in the face for my troubles.

- Wardrox is a champ for playing with us as long as he did. Being in England, and having a due date hours away, he still managed to coherently kill us.

- Tentacle porn was brought up when I announced the purchase of my R4 unit. Seriously... how could you not love these people?

I hope to see you guys for the next FNF. Many of you will be doing wholesome things like being with family, preparing to get super smashed for New Year's, and making resolutions you won't keep.. heck I might even be one of those people... but none the less Happy Holidays for those that can't show up, and see you next time for those that will!
What did you think Dtoiders??   read

12:42 PM on 12.21.2007

FNF: Crunk Edition

Who needs Crunk when there's FNF JUICE!!!!!!!!!!

See you guys 9:30 - 10pm EST!!!   read

7:19 AM on 12.21.2007

The DS: Ressurect It For Me

I am interested in getting the R4 for my DS. My poor DS hasn't gotten play (Yeah baby) in a while. I was about to buy it when I saw a shit load of other things that started to confuse me.. like the M3 simple, EZ Flash, and what not. I mostly figured out what's out there.. but am still a little confused. So I am here to ask you your opinions on what I should get.

1 - Along with playing ROMs do some play music, movies, pictures while others don't? If so, are there specific formats that they support?

2 - If they all do the same (Granted if they use only one slot) do you guys have a preference to one over the other?

3 - Are there memory limitations? (I saw the 4GB being supported but not considered stable). Will there be a new version soon that will support bigger memory cards?

4 - I do have Windows but really only use Linux (The latest Ubuntu). Can I use any of these storage devices with Linux?

5 - Anything else you would like to add?

Any info would be appreciated...muchos grassy-ass!

I tried in the forums but like in real life I getz ignored.   read

12:41 PM on 12.16.2007

FNF: A Good Night, a Painful Fight!

Well though it's a little late to post I wanted to make it known that last Friday was a fantastic FNF. As I predicted in my last drawing I got owned by all sorts of Dtoid members, people that I approve of getting owned by.

Special Mentions:

- Savetheoxen was non stop in raping people. I pleaded for mercy, his mercy came from a barrel of a gun or the bone crack from an elbow. Hope to see you in future FNFs. Same goes to Hamza and TheGoldDonut... and well.. everyone else. You guys made it hurt so good.

- BFeld made an appearance, along with a couple of names I had not seen before, like: Coonskin, Savetheoxen, SinnerC, p1zzaface, phonysoprano, tomhanks, and many, many more.

- Trying to have 15 of us participate in an experiment = 30 minutes of Fail. It was hilarious and I don't regret it, but I bet it was driving some people nuts.

- I am glad to see some people like my "Sandtrap Hell" map. I am thinking of taking out the Alien tanks out and getting other things.. noone was using them.. and I guess it makes sense.

- I am curious to try out the new maps, but I will do it on my own time (Outside of FNF). Playing with you guys kicks too much buttsecks to join the richer folk. ;)

- For those of you who wanted to join but couldn't because the lobby was full, I hope to see you guys next time. I am glad to see more and more people want to join FNF and if needed Grim, Bfeld, or Snaileb will probably set up a 2nd Halo host.

There are probably way more things to note, but I am already late to a pseudo-party after just coming from another party (I was just supposed to check my email). See y'all next time!   read

12:31 PM on 12.16.2007

I have awesome friends.

So I went out to lunch with my friends today on this awesome Sunday afternoon. I joined Daktari (Here on Dtoid) and his wife at O'Charley's and after I sat down and said hello, I saw a package next to me. I inquired about it, in my mind I thought I had missed a baby shower for someone (There had been lots here lately), but they told me it was a present for me. They claimed it was for helping them out doing stuff and what not... things I would do for any good friends of mine.

I looked in and nearly went in my pants. There... in the bag was an HD-DVD drive for my 360. I just quickly looked at them and said "There's no way I could take this! I mean this is too awesome!"

I swear... having friends like these make the world not suck. Thanks guys!   read

3:00 PM on 12.14.2007

FNF: Join us!

This speaks for itself. See you guys 10 - 10:30pm EST


6:32 AM on 12.08.2007

Friday Night Fights: I failed.

Friday Night, a night I adore because I love Friday Night Fights here at Destructoid. So where the hell was I last night? Like an unfaithful husband to his jealous gay lover... lemme explain:

Last night we were to surprise a friend of mine's pregnant wife, he was away doing missionary medical work, while she stayed home. He was supposed to come home Monday, but he changed his flight plans and I drove to Atlanta (3.5 hours) and then drove back to another city where my wife and his wife (With others) were going to eat dinner. Needless to say his flight was slightly delayed but we still had dinner an hour away from my home, and we didn't get back till about 11:30pm.

It should end there and I would have joined but I then have to drive my frined and his wife home, with his heavy ass luggage, yadda yadda - took another hour and a half or so. I got back was too tired to speak, and just passed out.

I'll be back next Friday Night... don't you worry!   read

2:22 PM on 12.06.2007

Sketchygamer 5 - Linux Love

As some of you may know I love Linux and along with it, Firefox. As I was treading around the net I saw the logo and decided to draw it. There was a cool anime version with a girl with a fox tail, but I couldn't find it now. Oh well.


9:55 PM on 12.05.2007

Sketchygamer 4 - Eyeing Destructoid

So I tried a partial face, off a picture of some girl on the net. I thought it would have turned out better, but a new thing I tried was smudging to make shadowing look more realistic. What do you think?

Better yet don't answer that ;)


3:12 PM on 12.04.2007

Sketchygamer 3 - My 360 and its throne

Got bored today. My newest "masterpiece".


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