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garbaggio avatar 2:25 PM on 11.10.2009  (server time)
In Honor of Samit Q. Sarkar Jr. III Esq.

You know, Samit Sarkar is a respected member of the Destructoid community. As an editor, a genuine sports lover, and the token punching bag of the Podtoid cast, Samit Sarkar (aka Bronxbomber21, Summit Soccer, Browntown, Mein Führer) deserves more respect than we give him, and there's no better time to prove that we truly respect Samit than right now.

You see, for the past year or so, Samit had been subject of a joke- a joke that I started by claiming it was Samit's birthday in an email. Immediately, people took to the thought, believing it was truly Samit's birthday, though it clearly wasn't. In "Boy who cried wolf" fashion, I claimed that the very next day was Samit's birthday, though it also wasn't. Eventually, the joke caught on, and ever since, Samit has been aging a year's worth of time in a single day. And for that, I am sorry Mr. Mountain Futbol.

So why am I making a public apology on Destructoid? Because I believe it's time for us to end this meme. But not forever- just for tomorrow, November 11th. For one day out of a year of 365, we need to give Samit the relief of not being wished a fraudulent, sarcastic Happy Birthday. As a sign of respect, do not wish Samit Sarkar a happy birthday on November 11th. Samit isn't over 365 years old, though he does have the wisdom of such a person. So today, I will bid farewell to the birthday of the Bronx Bomber.

Until November 12th. That's when Brown Town turns 366.

(If the formatting on this post is off, it's because it was written on my phone. I'm currently at a Mavs game, so I can't fix it until around 11:30PM.)

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