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This past week was my glorious return to Friday Night Fights after an unintentional 9-month hiatus, and of course, the first thing I did upon return was check out what games people were playing that week. As gaming is a fickle hobby, I couldn't expect anyone to still be playing Street Fighter 4 as I was back in February, but luckily, everyone was still playing Modern Warfare 2, CNN & Time's GOTY. (oh laugh out loud) I went to my local Wal-Mart to pick up a ridiculously-cheap copy of the game, hopped onto Xbox Live, and began to wear away at Infinity Ward's raking system with my trusty FAMAS.

That's when I discovered the art of Rusty Knife Fighting.

Around 9PM CST, I jumped into a game with Dtoid community member & long-time Nickelback fan Zombutler, and the lobby was fully packed. 18 people were in teh room, and we jumped into a Free-For-All game on Rust. Almost immediately, Zombutler yelled "NO GUNS, ONLY KNIVES. ALSO, I LOVE NICKELBACK." and everyone complied. We played an entire free-for-all game on the smallest map in the game, with only knives. And it was hella-fun. Video games have never glorified street violence so well. Zombutler & I have written up a list of rules that you can use to properly play Rusty Knife Fights. Anyone with Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360 or PS3) can play. If you're still playing Call of Duty 4, you can play the same game on Shipment, a map that has a similar size & mapping to MW2's Rust.

-Knives only. You can't shoot anyone. but you can shoot sentries, because it's near-impossible to take those things out otherwise.
-Equip a pistol when the game starts. That way, if anyone cheats and decides to shoot everyone, they won't get very far before someone stabs them. I suggest the Magnum Tactical Knife, because it's a pstol and a handy shanking tool. Multi-purpose!
-If you manage to get a kill-streak perk, feel free to use it. If you manage to get 5 knife kills in a row, you deserve to use your perk. If you drop a sentry or navigate a predator missile, be wary though- in the time it takes you to use either, you will most likely be stabbed. And on such a small map, a predator missile will most likely kill you as well.
-The game is played on Rust. Hence the "Rusty." While you could technically play on any level, it's the most fun to play on Rust. As the smallest map in the game, it's easier to find people and kill them. -No throwing knives. If you have throwing knives set as your equipment, that sucks for you. You can't use 'em. Stabbing knives only.
-You can use stun & smoke grenades. No frag grenades, though. And no throwing knives. Sure, they're knives, but that's an unfair advantage. Chances are that any attempt to use such equipment will be thwarted by a prompt stabbing, anyway.
-No riot shields. Don't be a dick.

If you're on Xbox Live this weekend, contact me (GT: electro lemon) or Zombutler (GT: Zombutler) or get a game of your own started. PS3 MW2 owners will probably have to wait until the FNF post goes live on Friday or coordinate amongst themselves in order to get a proper game going. And no, we won't be doing this all the time. Knife fights are fun, but after too long, everyone starts to develop tetanus, and thern there's overcrowding in the hospitals, and it just becomes this big thing.

Enjoy the fights!

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