Hey, I'm Elec. Just another guy in college, I'm working on a degree in Web/Digital Media. I got into gaming in the N64 era, when I got said system for Christmas.

I'm a huge JRPG fan, but I also play a lot of action games and platformers. I play some shooters, but I don't really like buying new ones all the time. Halo and Mass Effect 1/2 are really all I need to hold me over. I aspire to one day be good at fighting games, but I'm not sure I ever will be.

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5:19 PM on 10.06.2009

Today, I went to the local Game Crazy (for the first time) to get in on the mega-awesome discounts. Unfortunately, I left empty handed - but not after digging through used games for at least half an hour. I'm really not sure how to explain this, since I don't know if a lot of you guys will relate or if I'm the only one. But I get this desperate feeling every time I go shopping for used games.

It's like the opposite of buyer's remorse. Or maybe the inverse. Or derivative, hell I don't know. But every single time I shop for used games, I just feel like somewhere in that mess of crap is an awesome game at an awesome price. After digging through dozens of dated sports games and licensed movie games, you'd think one would lose hope...but that's never the case. The more time I spend in the store, the more hope I get that I'll eventually find something awesome. Today, I was desperately scavenging for Okami, Katamari Damacy, or Blue Dragon, but I didn't see any of those titles. Maybe because somebody beat me to the punch, or because most people who bought those games (Okami/Katamari in particular) were satisfied, I dunno. But I swear, with every game case, I thought "here it is!"

On the bright side, leaving Game Crazy empty handed also meant that I left with a full wallet. The money I planned to spend on a cheap used game was instead spent on a 1600 Microsoft Points-Credits-Moon Dollars-Whatever you call them card.

Seriously though, am I just desperate? Or do you guys go through this stuff when you go to buy used games? Maybe next time I'll just shop online...
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