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Electrium avatar 5:43 PM on 05.27.2010
I Love You, Goozex

I've only been using Goozex for about three months or so, and I've already gotten some uber-awesome games (Jet Set Radio Future, Billy Hatcher), but nothing could've prepared me for what happened today! I've been sending in a lot of games lately while trying to clean out my collection. But unfortunately, I'm requesting semi-rare games that everyone else wants. For example, here's what my requests page has looked like for the last month. Every single game I want has a line of 15+ people in front of me!

Until today, one other semi-rare, classic game was sitting on that list too. And just like any other good Goozex user, I log in at least once a day to see if I have any trades open or games to send out. Last night I checked at about 2 AM (sleep is for the weak), and as always, none of my requests were even remotely close to being sent.


I check back in this afternoon, and BAM! I log in to see that under requests, I have "1 trade in progress"! My first thought was something along the lines of lolwut? Well, apparently a lot of people believe in that Team Ico HD remake rumor, because in a matter of 12 hours I jumped forward 17 places to the front of the line for Shadow of the Colossus. Some dude is sending the game to me in a couple days! No longer will I be left out of conversations about how amazing SotC was!

Moral of the story: sign up for Goozex! Probably soon. Or right now. And if you're a poor sheltered child like me who owns neither Shadow of the Colossus nor a PS3, hurry up and get in the queue for that game!

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