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5:43 PM on 05.27.2010

I Love You, Goozex

I've only been using Goozex for about three months or so, and I've already gotten some uber-awesome games (Jet Set Radio Future, Billy Hatcher), but nothing could've prepared me for what happened today! I've been sending in a lot of games lately while trying to clean out my collection. But unfortunately, I'm requesting semi-rare games that everyone else wants. For example, here's what my requests page has looked like for the last month. Every single game I want has a line of 15+ people in front of me!

Until today, one other semi-rare, classic game was sitting on that list too. And just like any other good Goozex user, I log in at least once a day to see if I have any trades open or games to send out. Last night I checked at about 2 AM (sleep is for the weak), and as always, none of my requests were even remotely close to being sent.


I check back in this afternoon, and BAM! I log in to see that under requests, I have "1 trade in progress"! My first thought was something along the lines of lolwut? Well, apparently a lot of people believe in that Team Ico HD remake rumor, because in a matter of 12 hours I jumped forward 17 places to the front of the line for Shadow of the Colossus. Some dude is sending the game to me in a couple days! No longer will I be left out of conversations about how amazing SotC was!

Moral of the story: sign up for Goozex! Probably soon. Or right now. And if you're a poor sheltered child like me who owns neither Shadow of the Colossus nor a PS3, hurry up and get in the queue for that game!   read

4:57 PM on 10.22.2009

Today, Tragedy Struck...

I came home from college today for a relaxing weekend at home. I recently went super retro and listened to the Final Fantasy 7 episode of Retroforce Go. I'm usually one of those guys who is bitter to the game thanks to all of the hype, but after hearing them reminisce I just couldn't resist the urge to play it again. So I've been anxiously waiting playing FF7 again for about a week or so. Shortly after I got home today, I went to my room to grab my copy of FF7 only to find...IT WASN'T @(#$ING THERE.

I grabbed FF8, and quickly realized my error (those roman numerals blend together!), so I put 8 back and scanned the shelf for 7, but to no avail. I'll tell you right now, I'm a pretty damn organized person. My room is always clean, my games organized in alphabetical order, etc...there's no way I could have misplaced it. I went all over the house searching every place I thought it might've been, but after not playing the game for 4-5 years, God knows where it is. I've looked for about an hour now, and only stopped to share my pain with people who might actually understand.

I was a latecomer to the Playstation, because at the time I was in elementary/middle school and had no money. I finally got one early in the PS2/GCN era, and started my collection with FFIX and Chrono Cross. It took a long time for me to get FF7 though, and when I finally did it cost me about $70 (new, Greatest Hits version off amazon). I was so damn proud to have that game (well not as proud as I am to own a black-label Xenogears, but I digress). So much for that.

My options are really running out at this point. I'll keep looking, but I still have no idea why it wasn't on the shelf where it should've been. I'm losing hope, and I really don't think it'd be worth it to get another new copy ($130 on Amazon). Of course, there's always PSN...but a digital copy of one of my favorite RPGs won't wipe away the tears. =(   read

5:19 PM on 10.06.2009

Used Game Syndrome?

Today, I went to the local Game Crazy (for the first time) to get in on the mega-awesome discounts. Unfortunately, I left empty handed - but not after digging through used games for at least half an hour. I'm really not sure how to explain this, since I don't know if a lot of you guys will relate or if I'm the only one. But I get this desperate feeling every time I go shopping for used games.

It's like the opposite of buyer's remorse. Or maybe the inverse. Or derivative, hell I don't know. But every single time I shop for used games, I just feel like somewhere in that mess of crap is an awesome game at an awesome price. After digging through dozens of dated sports games and licensed movie games, you'd think one would lose hope...but that's never the case. The more time I spend in the store, the more hope I get that I'll eventually find something awesome. Today, I was desperately scavenging for Okami, Katamari Damacy, or Blue Dragon, but I didn't see any of those titles. Maybe because somebody beat me to the punch, or because most people who bought those games (Okami/Katamari in particular) were satisfied, I dunno. But I swear, with every game case, I thought "here it is!"

On the bright side, leaving Game Crazy empty handed also meant that I left with a full wallet. The money I planned to spend on a cheap used game was instead spent on a 1600 Microsoft Points-Credits-Moon Dollars-Whatever you call them card.

Seriously though, am I just desperate? Or do you guys go through this stuff when you go to buy used games? Maybe next time I'll just shop online...   read

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