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ElectricTapir's blog

12:02 PM on 07.04.2010

A 20 year old question is answered

It's been 20 years. Now, Electric Tapir will once and for all end the debate over the gender of Yoshi.


(If the video isn't working click here:   read

8:37 PM on 06.21.2010

My 3DS thoughts

Eh, the idea sounds cool enough, but I never liked 3D to much anyway. The glasses are a pain and... Wait what? YOU DON'T NEED GLASSES? I CAN PLAY EPIC GAMES ANYWHERE IN 3D WITHOUT GLASSES?

Nuff said.

Plus, this (hopefully) satisfies my need for a current gen nintendo Metal Gear game. I'm saving up my money for this one.   read

6:30 PM on 06.11.2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Wiiker?

Yes, thats a pretty epic (fail) title.

Back when I first got Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a gift, I was a bit of a gaming noob. So when first saw Solid Snake walk across the screen in single player mode, my only thoughts were: "Darn this guy is slow." Two years and a lot of gaming knowledge later, I'm using that slowpoke as a avatar in my youtube videos and considering buying consoles (in part) to play his games.

Which brings me to the topic of the blog. (only took me a paragraph to get here.) I've got a bad habit of going of on tangents, so I'm just going to state my point now nice a clear and get it over with. I want a Metal Gear Solid game on the Wii. Now, I know the Wii isn't the most graphically powerful console, and I'm not asking for a whole new game, but I feel odd using Snake not having played a Metal Gear game.

As the title suggests, I'm thinking a port of Peace Walker to the Wii. If Medal of Honor Heroes 2 taught us anything, it's that World War II is war overused in video games. It was also a bit a smack in the face to Nintendo as it came out on the Wii, and the PSP, proving they had about the same graphics. So if EA can do it, why not Kojima?   read

9:56 PM on 06.10.2010

Hi Again

(Alright, just a little more introduction/explanation. I'm well aware it's boring. This is the last of it.)

Electric tapir is two part human one part chipmunk. That is to say the ET staff is Logan, (Me) Mark, (M friend) and Paparazzi Chipmunk (or PC). I do pretty much all the computer work, not because Mark is lazy, I just have a ton of time on my hands and I thought this would be more productive and less dangerous than my last hobby, (taking over the world)

I've thought about taking up blogging for a while, (even at the request of my english teacher) So I thought I'd use this account. And be sure to check the channel!   read

9:18 PM on 06.04.2010

Hi Destructiod

Hello, we are ElectricTapir, a faction of a underground society. Our main focus is humor, and we often bring up video games. We were draw to this site by Youtube video game reviewer Storm Dain. This account is linked to a youtube channel where will do most of our work. LInk:   read

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