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Elect-Nigma avatar 12:54 AM on 03.16.2013  (server time)
Harmo Knight: The Game That Brought Me To Tears

I want to preface this piece by saying how I am writing this piece after midnight, so I might not be mentally sound, and I might go off and not make much sense, while feeling the need to post this up immediately. Not even bothering with pictures.

As the title implies, Game Freak's eShop title, Harmo Knight, more specifically the demo, made me spend about five minutes crying in the corner and five minutes before that hitting myself because of how horrible it made me feel on the inside. Iíve gotten upset about games in the past, but Harmo Knight made me feel bad as a human being while playing it. Why? Well, the simplest way one could put it was that the title, a cute little rhythm game, was too hard for me to get past itís third freaking level.

Iíll admit to not being super good at games. Sure, I beat Ms. Splosion Man with par time on most of the levels, and got every pink doodlebob in Rayman Origins, as well as eventually beating the semi-optional final baddie. Sure, I died a lot in both titles, but I managed to get through them. If I messed up, I tried once more. But never before have I been determined to keep going, while thinking there was no possible way for me, and only me, to not beat a game. Even Dark Souls did not induce this much depression, as I could find flaws with the challenge I was being presented, namely how exiting the game as I was about to die was the best option, and it shut a door I spent two hours opening.

But through a mix of a charming and colorful art style and actions that are extremely simple in theory, I could not shake the impression that the fact that I was messing up was solely my fault, and it was an isolated issue, seeing as how I was alone, with the Patron Saint, Jonathan Holmes, praising the title along with everyone else. To be blunt, it made me feel like I was retarded.

And I do mean that I actually was developing some form of mental retardation as I kept on playing, the world around me changing to a point where my thoughts, my ideals, or anything would be viewed as simplistic, or not be able to be viewed by anyone else. Which is essentially my idea of hell in a nutshell. My most valued trait of myself is my mind. My personality, thoughts, insights, the whole spiel. And out of all the media I consumed in my life, and even every aspect of school I can recall encountering, I can not recall a single thing that made me feel so horrible and useless.

And to make it all the worse, Pokemon was more or less how I was introduced into this medium. And having a title from the same company produce this feeling, is kind of like being pooped on by the family dog, as everyone around you blames you for being pooped on. Or maybe I am just spouting off a wrong opinion, and I am just the one person who is woeful at a game that I wouldíve assumed to be enjoyable by individuals of all skill level. Which I guess I would be removed from, seeing as how I was left feeling bad for even trying to touch a controller.

I just felt like sharing that. Sorry if I messed things up.

Oh, and sorry I haven't written anything, I didn't have the confidence to post my stuff after whatever I posted here last. You lovely people make me feel like I'm not good enough for that.

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