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Elect-Nigma's blog

12:54 AM on 03.16.2013

Harmo Knight: The Game That Brought Me To Tears

I want to preface this piece by saying how I am writing this piece after midnight, so I might not be mentally sound, and I might go off and not make much sense, while feeling the need to post this up immediately. Not even bo...   read

11:07 AM on 10.26.2012

Code of Princess Review

I always feel bad when someone talks about how a title is a spiritual successor to a beloved classic, when I do not know much of anything about the original title. Sure, I played the demo of Guardian Heroes, but I found it...   read

1:20 PM on 10.14.2012

Intertoids Tale Three: The Longest Fantastical Star

Okay, going for yet one more! I have plans to make this into a series, and now to reuse one of my ideas for lore! This time it is centered around Tara Long of the Destructoid Show, because it is easy to do these when the pe...   read

6:00 PM on 10.10.2012

Let Us Talk About Fun

Okay, this post is pretty much a response to the latest episode of Extra Credits, Beyond Fun. However, this mutated into its own piece about the concept of fun, so I guess I'll do that as well. Now, even though I love the s...   read

4:23 PM on 10.05.2012

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Review

I really like games that people rarely ever hear of beyond a cool trailer or two. Games that are given a box release and clearly have a budget of a few million, but are neither indie or AAA. And I got bored and want to rev...   read

5:04 PM on 10.03.2012

Intertoids Tale One: M of the Silver Holes

Let me just say that writing this story was a horrible idea, and so is reading it. At best, this is a writing exercise of sorts, at worse it is someone who cannot write a decent narrative if his life depended on it, trying t...   read

11:15 AM on 09.29.2012

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Review

As I try to make clear in most of what I do, I love things that are weird, odd, unique, eccentric, or just plain old different. So when I see a game that looks to have a unique angle from it, with a studio whose previous X...   read

4:33 PM on 09.27.2012

Jet Set Radio HD Review

I have heard that it is a better stance to be indifferent toward everything from the start, in order to prevent disappointment. However, if you are indifferent towards entertainment from the initial standpoint, why would y...   read

1:48 PM on 09.23.2012

Addressing the New Dante

This is a response to the utter rage over the DmC reboot and reactions like, well, this. I felt like giving my two cents about the issue, because I don't see my views being shown in this whole... kerfuffle.So read my wor...   read

12:38 PM on 09.17.2012

Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

I enjoyed 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, So it would make sense that I would end up playing the most well known visual novel for the DS, Phoeni...   read

3:59 PM on 09.12.2012

Moon Review

I tend to use the site Glyde for a ton of my impulse buys, because the price is cheap, and they sell both new and used titles. It is basically a less jerkish, more pro-consumer version of Gamestop. So I ended up finding t...   read

5:15 PM on 09.10.2012

Rayman Origins Review

Oddly enough, I am willing to publish a review I made in June, but not ones published on my other blog, NigmaBox, before August. Funny how that works. Ubisoft, what the hell were you thinking with this title? It is odd e...   read

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