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Elando avatar 3:57 AM on 02.16.2010  (server time)
Why am I a gamer...

Well its 9am. Some of you may reply "But 9 isn't early!" To me, on what is essentially my day off, it is. I usually only see one of the 9's out of the day, something to do with sleeping patterns that have been destroyed by gaming but thats another story. I post because I must, because in my little slice of Britain the dogs, birds, cats and any other animal in a 1 mile radius felt the need to make a noise, resulting in alot of shouting and the failure to get back to sleep. The massive up roar in animal noises could be the sign of a coming apocalypse, or just that the dirty chavs have decided to break into nextdoor's garden and steal their dustbin again. Who knows...

So, I thought I'd start off by asking myself, why do I play video games? Well, I've been gaming since I was 5. First real game I played was Red Alert. I'm not talking about the crappy spamfest that is RA 3. I'm talking about the original. Yeah I had to get help on some of the harder parts like those damn spy missions but still. That was the game that started it all. Sure I was still playing legos but video games started taking their place within a few years. So, why game in the first place? Well gaming is that sweet thing that fills the gap thats created once you're too old to go out with your friends and play Cowboys and Indians or Army. Insted of running around making *PEW PEW* noises and squabling over who shot who and if they're dead or not and whos goes "SUPAR DUPER OMEGA ARMOUR WHICH DEFLECTS BULLETS!" you can squable over whos hacking or not.

Gaming is looked down upon by many people, young, old, doesn't matter. If you play games, you're labled as a nerd by young people who don't play them while you're labled as a wanna-be murderer by older people who don't understand or have never played a video game. But in all truth, games are awesome, regardless of their representation by the media.

Now after that history lesson, the reason I am a gamer is because games are freakin' sweet. I wake up, eat my cheerios and within 5 minutes (Unless my computer is being a slow ass bitch) I could be killing Nazis and liberating france from their iron grip of oppression. By midday I'm commanding an army of democratic super mechs against other zealous religious super mechs. And by days end I could be travelling the fields of the Shire beating up hobbits for their brunch money. Games provide that little slice of fantasy and escapeism that those days of playing Army used to, its just, with games, you can shoot your friends for real and not have to waste 30 minutes debating wether or not being an armoured super soldier with a gun that can blow up anyone in one hit is allowed or not, unless of course you're playing Halo...

So, thats why I, and most probably alot of other gamers, are gamers. They provide anything you could ever want, from the thrill of smacking a guy in the face to blowing someones brains out from 2 miles away with a well tuned 50. caliber sniper rifle, all without the need to put yourself through years of training, gearing yourself up to kill a man and then doing it or having to work to buy a rifle then having to serve a life sentence for killing someone in cold blood.

Well, thats it for my first real post. Yet again I leave you with another quote from another of my favorite films that I thought was fitting, if slightly cliche.

- Elando

"I'll be back" - The Terminator

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